Healthy Eating Kick!

I have a confession. I’ve been really, really bad at eating well lately… My ‘Christmas holiday’ period of indulgence has leaked into January (somewhat acceptable) and February (not so much) and I refuse to let it continue into March. On the other hand, my boyfriend, a newly qualified fitness coach, is just about to wrap up a 90 day fitness challenge that has seen him on the road to rippedness. Not cool. (It’s actually very cool. I’m just jealous…) 

My famous millionaire shortcake. Nice but oh, so naughty.

 So, in the early hours of the 9th February (aka Pancake Day) I signed up for the same challenge with the best of intentions. I’d watched George do it with ease – how hard can it be? Well, since then I’ve enjoyed not one but two pancake days, a Valentine’s Day dinner that involved those Nutella Chocolate Souffles, and an all you can eat ‘global buffet’ amongst other mini indulgences like waffles, crumpets and more packs of pickled onion Monster Munch than I care to remember.

At first I used my blog as an excuse. How can I eat healthily when I have pancake recipes and chocolate souffles to share? I can hardly bake them and throw them away can I? But that’s bollucks. Yes, you guys like to read recipes for pancakes and chocolate and all things naughty (who doesn’t?) but I also know that we can all appreciate the benefits of delicious healthy recipes that taste great and aren’t going to go straight to our hips or send us into a food coma! In fact, I may actually find more people visit my little blog for such recipes. So that was that excuse dealt with. I’ve since created some healthy ‘junk’ food recipes which will go up here from next week – here’s a sneak peek!

low fat homemade chicken nuggets and sweet potato chips (recipe up soon!)

I’ve also started using Herbalife. They’re a nutrition company who sell everything from healthy protein shakes and soups to super skincare products. My boyfriend’s been using their products for the last three months to help him to get into shape and I’ve seen such a huge difference. After constantly stealing his shakes and chocolate bars I decided to just get some for myself. Right now I’m having their vanilla shakes in the morning (soooo handy for when I don’t have time to make breakfast) and I love their chocolate protein bars as an afternoon snack. They don’t taste like healthy food at all but like proper indulgent treats. If you want to try some tweet me or email me. After friends and family started asking about them I signed up to be a distributor. I can tell you which products I use and help you along your journey to fitness!

In between shakes and snack I’m cooking protein-rich meals like Nando’s chicken wraps and healthy lentil and chicken madras (tonight’s dinner – I’ll share my recipe soon). It’s not at all restrictive and I can still give into the odd crumpet craving. It’s a lifestyle change rather than a diet so it has to be sustainable. I’m just making sure to plan healthy meals 90% of the time. It’s a lot easier to eat healthily if you plan ahead and have healthy food and snacks to hand. They say getting in shape is 80% nutrition and 20% fitness so I’ve been getting my butt moving too and I’ll talk about that in the next post.

I’m going to keep doing these nutrition and fitness posts as motivation for anyone who wants it. I’ll always be honest about any setbacks I have and will of course share any tips and tricks I find helpful! Hopefully we can all help each other to be a bit healthier this year :). I’ve been vlogging a lot lately and showing what I eat and I’m always on Instagram and Twitter so, in between posts here, you can get inspiration from my other social media. I’ve also created some new Fitness Motivation and Healthy Recipes Pinterest boards. As well as motivational quotes that remind us why we want to work out, I’ve also pinned positive messages reminding us to love our bodies. It’s great to want to get fitter and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to tone up a bit myself, but I think there’s a fine line between wanting to be the best version of you and wanting to be someone else. It’s important not to loose focus or become obsessive. So, do you have any tips that help you to stay on track with being healthy? If you do pretty please let us know in the comments below!

Okay, I’m off to finish editing my latest vlog video. I’ve shown you how I make my Nando”s chicken wraps in it. We took them with us on the drive up to celebrate my grandad’s 80th birthday at the weekend <3. I’ll link the video here once it’s up!

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