Hola Valencia! Part 2

Hey guys! I figured it’s about time that I share the rest of the pictures from our Valencia trip! If you missed Hola Valencia Part 1! then check that out to see what else we got up to during our long weekend to celebrate my sister’s 21st birthday.

The weather while we were there was beautiful and sunny. There are few things I enjoy better when visiting a beautiful old city like Valencia, than taking a stroll on a sunny day and just taking everything in. I love feeling the sun on my skin, appreciating the beauty of buildings and watching the locals going about their normal day, imagining what it might be like to be one of them. My mum had also text me to say it had snowed in England that weekend haha, not sorry we missed that!

Valencia is full of lots of beautiful, ancient buildings with incredible architecture such as the magnificent Valencia Cathedral and Torre de Micalet.

We had to wait ages to get a photo of this doorway – it was a tourist magnet! I was worth it though, the carvings are truly exquisite. I can’t imagine how long they must have taken to complete.

There was a lot of newer designs which I found beautiful and cool too. Colourful buildings and stores with quirky artwork.

As we stayed in an Airbnb arpartment, we I cooked most of our own meals. We actually went a little cray-cray in the supermarket the first day haha, I looove shopping in foreign supermarkets and cooking for myself on holiday! I vlogged some of our trip including our supermarket sweep. It’s not enough footage to make a whole video though so I’ve decided to make a big vlog video of all the clips I’ve collected recently (it’s late – I’m tired, I’ve forgotten the word for this?) but I’ll tweet as soon as that goes up on my YouTube channel

We went for tapas in the old Jewish quarter on our last night and it was delicious and really affordable. I wish I could remember the name of this restaurant,  it was a tiny place but the staff were so so friendly and hospitable. The even have blankets on the chairs outdoor so that you didn’t get chilly while you ate at night. I’m sorry I can’t remember the name of the restaurant but the jewish quarter is only a few street wide from what I remember so just look for the restaurant with the blankets on the chairs! This photo doesn’t look that great as I had to use the flash but it was really good. I enjoyed the food in Valencia much more than I did during our Barcelona trip. Probably because Valencia is more traditional and less touristy and therefore more authentic. Delicious!

One evening my sister and I ventured into the beautiful Turia Gardens to take outfit of the night pictures featuring the dress House of Fraser were kind enough to send me. You can see the full Valencia outfit of the night post here, the dress is soooo pretty. If we decide to go out this Valentine’s day then I might wear it again. 

We also went to a club, Mya, on my sister’s actual birthday but I didn’t take my expensive, heavy DSLR camera there with me for obvious reasons! It was so much fun though, clubbing in Spain is on another level. For one, it’s hot which makes it about 1000 times more fun – sooo many more outfit options and half of the club was outside which made for a nice change of scenery going from room to room. Secondly clubbing hours are wayyy later in Spain. When we arrived at midnight they told us that the club didn’t open until 1am haha, so we went to find a bar and then came back. The place closed at 7am! I love that as it means there’s no mad rush to get ready between the day and the evening like there is here. You can have a full day, take your time getting ready, have dinner, have a nap haha and then wake up pre-drink and leave for the club in the early hours. Sooo much more fun that way! 

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