London Calling

Hey! I’ve been really busy lately and doing lots of vlogging while I’m at it (woop woop) so, while I edit those, here are some photos from out and about recently. Starting with a fun ensemble I put together to shoot street style at London Fashion Week. 

I’m about to publish a photography library for my social media marketing company, so I went along to top it up with some photos of fashion week fanatics. I’ll put a link to the library on my blog when it’s up – I’m so excited to share it! 

More photos when you click ‘read more’.

I’m wearing my brilliant new brassiere from ASOS under this skimpy, shiny body – also from ASOS. I showed it in the vlog I’m about to post so I won’t go about it here but so far it”s just magical. You can see the before and after effect in the vlog video – va va voom!

Choker: MADE by Jade 

Anyway, enough about my boobs. Fashion week is always full of people dressed in outrageous outfits so I figured if there was anywhere that I could wear this skimpy ‘Ibiza’ body it was there! You can see the LFW fashion force in this street style video my sister and I made. I’ve seen wackier in past years though. Like a ball gown made entirely from Lego! So my outfit was tame in comparison haha. With the help of some double sided tape everything stayed in place and my faux fur coat kept me nice and toasty.

Jacket: TK Maxx | Body: ASOS | Jeans H&M | Shoes: New Look | Choker: MADE by Jade | Bag: Similar here

These, my favourite skinny, jeans are just £8 from H&M. They sit nicely on the hips, without being too low rise, and and have a great amount of stretch to them without ever bagging, meaning they’re ideal for days like this when I’m constantly kneeling, and crouching to get the perfect shot. 

I also ventured over to the Blogger’s Hangout venue to check out their fashion week party. My favourite table there was the Cocktail Mania table full of delicious, colourful cocktails all hand-mixed by the lovely Nina. She chatted to me about how she started the business from scratch and makes all of the drinks herself. You’ll be able to order them online from her website soon, but in the meantime hit her up on any of the details in the business card below if you wanna order some for you and friends. 

I’m absolutely obsessed with Mexican food at the moment. It’s seriously threatening Vietnamese food’s place at the top of my list! (Closely followed by Japanese, Jamaican and Chinese if you were wondering…). I love the mix of succulently seasoned meat paired topped with zesty salsa, fresh guacamole and cool sour cream. I think it’s a great mix of flavours. Plus I love a good carb, haha, so getting to choose whether all that goodness in a tortilla, taco or fajita adds to the fun.

My favourite place for Mexican food right now is Chilango in Camden, right opposite the Blues Kitchen. It’s not big or fancy but instead has a really chilled vibe, like an upscale fast food joint (think like a Mexican Five Guys but cosier). It’s the perfect spot for grabbing grub with friends between bars and it’s right in the heart of Camden so you’re spoiled for choice of those. 

Does anyone else know of great spots to get Mexican food in London? Or outside for that matter, always good to have a list of recommendations when you travel! If you leave a comment and let us know – I’m always on the hunt for good food! 

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