Monochrome Moments from Instagram

I’ve been really into posting to Instagram lately… I love photography anyway (a blogger loving photography – whaaaaat?) but particularly the idea of sharing captured moments, personal art and thoughts in one continuos feed. It’s like a little window into my psyche but with, ya know, all of the boring bits like, ‘I want a McDonalds’ edited out. Actually, scratch that. My love of food is also well-documented on my Instagram profile too. 

Anyway, I think it’s such a shame that I post all of my favourite photos to Instagram, only to receive just a week or so in the limelight before they inevitably get pushed to the bottom of my feed by new photos, never to be glanced at again. So, I’ve decided to create collections of my favourite Instagram photos and share them with you here. I hope they bring you some sort of inspiration whether it be to your fashion or your philosophy! 

Click ‘read more’ for captions and details. 

(Left to right and then top to bottom) 

1. This was from this set of outfit photos. I was really proud of this look because the pictures pretty much came out exactly as I wanted. Actually, I wanted to have black gum and my lipstick had rubbed off quite a bit but fuck it – those are non-problems really aren’t they. I want to do a lot more kind of themed, thought out outfit shoots like this this year rather than simple ‘here I am stood in a park’ ones. I’m currently building a list of good shooting locations in London. Any ideas! If you tell me yours I’ll tell you mine! 😉 

2. This jacket. Oh this frickin’ jacket, words cannot express how much I love it. In case you missed my sale steals post, it was a bargain buy, £13 if you please, and it is my star purchase of the season. Warm, lightweight, on trend but not everywhere and oh so versatile. Keep your eyes here for different ways I style it throughout spring too. Season staple for sure.

3. I don’t think this one really needs much explaining… Long live Saturdays! Actually Friday nights are my fave because you know you have two whole days of fun and two amazing sleeps with no work the next day coming your way – bliss!  

4. This was my look for Halloween last year. I was inspired by the Mexican Dia de Los Muertos festival. It’s like their version of Halloween but more spiritual, commemorating and celebrating those who have passed. I think it’s a beautiful tradition. 

5. I loooove this phone cover – so handy! I am constantly paranoid that I have spinach in my teeth (I eat it, like, every day for lunch) and having to dig around in my bag for a compact mirror is not the one. My phone is always to hand though so it just makes sense to have a mirror on it. I especially love the Swarovski crystal princess handle on the mirror (if I do say so myself!). I hand make these and sell them on my store Made by Jade. I can make them for any phone so if your phone make isn’t listed just email me at and I will be happy to help!

6. I noticed the top of The Shard in London being engulfed by a low hanging cloud on morning and thought that was cool and trippy. Imagine the view from inside! I’ve never been to the The View but I really want to go there for dinner at some point this year. I’ll have a dig around online and will let you know if I find any deals.

7. Piled onto a cabana with some old, new and newer friends at the Day Zero festival in Mexico. This time last year actually… Wow, time flies! This party was really fun, an overnight affair in the sand with electro music, Mayan dancer, fire pits and hot coals haha, drinks. There is nothing like partying outside at 3am and feeling the warm Mexican air on your skin as you dance like a crazy person. So different to England. It’s hard to word this without being obnoxious but this was, hands down, the best trip of my life (and that’s saying something because I have the world’s best parents who have taken me to some incredible places over the years. Not meaning to brag at all, I just want to acknowledge that because I’m not an ungrateful brat.) It’s just that this was just over three weeks of daytime sun, sand and cenotes along the Riviera Maya followed by nights of fun and frolicking during the incredible BMP music festival with our friends. You can see my photo diary of my Mexico trip here. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

8. My current bedroom setup. I love the clean back and white. It’s modern so make me feel like a proper grown up haha and the simple colour making it really calming and easy to sleep in there. I made my bed so neatly for this photo that it looks like some kind of weird office sofa, haha, but no, it’s our bed. I don’t know why I did that, I never make my bed – notice I messed it up for the Hygge post photo? Doesn’t look cosy otherwise. The framed quotes are also sketched/created by me and sold in my online store. You can have any saying that you want, these are a just few of my favourites from my Wise Words Pinterest board. When I put the ‘stay weird’ one my boyfriend was like, ‘er – it’s upside down?’, I was like, ‘er – it’s meant to be’. Clearly he didn’t get the joke haha… I need to hang some more over my sofa in our living room, I think they’re a great way to welcome guests. So many sayings I want to hang! 

9. My new handbag from Carvela, another awesome sale steal from this post. It’s structured and elegant with clean lines and pretty gold detailing (my fave). It has plenty of compartments (always good for keeping track of things e.g. keys) and it’s the perfect size, not too small to hold my stuff but not big enough to hoard my stuff. Perfection.  

10. A super trendy couple in Paris who I stalked haha. Jk, but seriously, does anywhere ever see uber stylish people like this and think, ‘what’s their story?’, ‘what do they do?’, ‘how do they live?’, ‘how did they come to be so cool?’. I’m still working on getting to the bottom of that one… 

11. Gotta love an uplifting quote. Anything from making me want to be a better person, to reminding me to be grateful every day to something that will get me to work out or just to smile that day. I keep a Pinterest board of all of favourite sayings and then I like to pick them out every now and then share them on my Instagram, Facebook page or on Twitter – spread the love! If you ever do this, be sure to tag me in it next time, I’ll definitely give it a thumbs up! 

12. A Friday night flat lay of #allbackeverything essentials. I’m still obessed with everything in this photo. My favourite is the Barry M black lipstick simply because it’s so much fun to do different things with your makeup than the norm. It’s been my ‘thing’ all winter. Spring is coming soon so I guess I need a new thing… Neon pink? Or maybe suuuuper glossy. I haven’t worn lipgloss in so long! 

Right, I need to go! I have to blow dry and straighten my hair, do my makeup and then fly around town picking up gifts – it’s my grandad’s 80th birthday tonight and we’re going for a huge family meal up in Derbyshire :). I’m vlogging all weekend so follow me here on my YouTube channel to see exactly what I get up to and what I wear (my outfit is cute). Oh, and of course, if you’d like to follow me on Instagram, my name is missjadefraser, same as Twitter. Right, gotta dash – toodles! 

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