Bloggers’ Fashion Week Event #BLFW

On Monday I had the pleasure of attending the Bloggers Fashion Week Event organised by The Bloggers Hangout. I’ve been to a few The Bloggers Hangout events in the past so I had a feeling that this one would not disappoint and it didn’t!

After a long day in a client’s office I was in much need of some fashion and beauty related talk, so I scooted over to the other side of London, pausing for a quick change of clothes and a makeup refresh in Paddington train station (I’m a whizz at that now, I vlogged the transformation) and arrived at Provision Studios in Hoxton.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the familiar buzz of a The Bloggers Hangout event. Groups of giddy bloggers, all stylishly preened to perfection and excitedly weaving their way through the studio filled, wall to wall, with elegant displays of the brands’ latest offerings. I never really know where to start at these things so I just sort of siddled up to the nearest table and politely waited until it was my turn to hear about all the goodies that lay before me. Let me show you…

The Gel Touch DIY gel manicure kit which comes with a UV light so that you can do your own gel nails at home. I love this idea and have a review of one of these kits coming up soon so keep an eye out!

Beauuutiful natural vegan handmade soaps and facemasks from Stvdio. They look so creamy, just looking at them makes me want to have a luxurious shower with them right now! The little pouches contain natural face mask powder to which you just add, water, milk, yoghurt or whatever you like to make a creamy, natural face mask – how fun is that?! Stvdio have generously given us a 25% discount to use too! Just type CUPCAKES25 at the checkout. Happy shopping!

I’ve heard of The Braid Bar before and I think it’s a great idea for an occasion. A bar where you can go to get your hair braided in one of a number of styles from funky to elegant. It’s a great idea for before an event like a leavers’ ball, prom or a wedding. They can also add wash out dyes, like this beautiful blue I’m holding above, and pretty, fun accessories like pom poms and hair jewellery. It’s cheaper than a salon blow dry and, if you tie a satin scarf around your head at night, it’ll last longer too! Plus when you take it out you’ll have pretty waves so double the style! They’re popular with the likes of Kate Moss and Suki Waterhouse and they have a bar in London’s Selfridges amongst others (where exactly I’m not sure as I can’t find it on the website…). Keep them in mind for your next event!

These beautifully-packaged Jurlique scented hand creams and face mists are natural and smell divine. I think they’ll make really nice gifts this year, a nice switch up from the usual L’occitane products.

Speaking of occasions, these incredibly elegant dresses from Jones and Jones are perfect for summer ‘dos. Not only are their flirty and feminine designs beautiful and really unique but each one is handmade to order. Amazingly, they’re still really affordable starting at just £60. I’m going to a dinner and dance event in a few weeks so I’m gonna have a good old look through the site soon – I can’t wait!

I was attracted to the sparkle of this Nadia Minkoff jewellery like some sort of entranced magpie. They shimmer iridescently and the chunky pieces are a great, elegant-with-an-edge alternative to your normal delicate occasion jewellery. They’re also really affordable. I am in love with the bottom pair of earrings, I’m tempted to treat myself to a pair to wear on my birthday. We shall see!

I’ve heard of the brand Kenneth Turner but never really knew what they did until now. Well it turns out that they sell luxury candles and candle accessories as well as body care products. They’ve recently undergone a rebrand and their crisp, white packaging now varies from product to product reflecting the gifts enclosed inside in the beautiful illustrations. The scent are a sophisticated mix of spice and florals, a nice alternative to my MADE by Jade vanilla ice cream candle! My favourite item is their reed diffuser which doesn’t need rotating, meaning no messy oil all over your hands (yay!). At their higher price point, I think that these would make exceptional wedding or housewarming gifts for someone special. What’s more, Kenneth Turner have kindly given us the discount code ‘BLOG20’ which will get you a whopping 20% off your basket – get shopping! 

I’ve seen Berrywhite drinks around before but had no idea that they’re organic without any added sugar! I don’t tend to drink soft drinks very much at all. In fact, only if I’m having lunch at restaurant with an automatic drinks dispenser (because they’re fun to use haha, FYI I like the cherry Tango combo) but it’s so nice to know that, if I do feel like indulging, there’s an option that isn’t full of E numbers and artificial sweeteners.   

WOW. Can we just take a moment to marvel at the incredibleness that is nail wraps. Or rather, to marvel at the fact that I am only now appreciating the incredibleness that is nail wraps?! I mean, sure I knew about nail wraps but I sort of dismissed them early on, assuming that I’d get into the same sort of issues I’d had with fads such as press-on nails as a teenager. ‘They’ll be awkward to put on’, ‘they won’t fit my nail beds’, ‘they’ll come of within an hour’. Well, Grace, the founder of Thumbs Up did this accent nail for me in seconds and I was converted. That was on Monday, and four days later it’s still going strong. Thumbs Up have a super range of patterns and styles from feminine florals to geometric overlay pattern that you can see your nails through. So cool! I’m so enamoured with these, that I’m going to a separate nail post on them but suffice it to say – I’m in love!

I’ve tried Zeo drinks before at another event and they are so refreshing and tasty. Fruity with a hint of sparkle that doesn’t give you that, ‘OMG my nose is going to burn off’ sensation when you first take a sip. This time I tried cloudy lemon and I luuurve it. I’m partial to a DIY cocktail making session with the girls (particularly near pay day…) and I think I’m going to swap squash for Zeo next time as it’s natural – woop woop!

Paul Mitchell also had a wonderful woman doing beautiful styles on people’s hair using their new range. It was hard to photograph all of the beauty bar action because the stylists were all moving (damn them!) but luckily I was vlogging too so you’ll see it all in the video.

Lissie Design have unique handmade jewellery designs featuring really pretty stones. I have a bit of a thing for stone jewellery at the moment so the bangles on the right are calling to me!

Finally, I stumbled across BEE bee venom sheet masks inspired by Korean skin care. The lovely lady at their stand (who had flawless skin, that didn’t escape me) explained that the concept is really new to the UK. I love a good face mask and these sheet ones looks sooo soothing. I just imagine putting them in the fridge beforehand and then letting one work its magic while I watch some Netflix on a lazy Sunday morning. I need to do some research into them because the bee venom element sounds really cool!

I picked up more products from even more brands I haven’t got photos of here (some tables were just too busy to get a good shot!) but I’ll definitely be trying out everything over the next few weeks so expects lots of review posts sharing them. Also, keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for my next monthly favourites video. I don’t do these every single month as I just don’t buy enough stuff to have new favourites all the time and only want to share what I really, genuinely love in those videos but, just from trying things out at the The Bloggers Hangout event, I think this month I’ll definitely have enough new favourites to warrant a video!


These brands were so generous in gifting us samples and I want to share that with you, my blog readers, because without you I wouldn’t get to go to cool stuff like this! So, I have a very exciting giveaway announcement post that will be going up this evening. I’ll tweet when the post is up so follow me at @missjadefraser if you’d like to see what you can win.

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