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Hey! Today’s outfit is a colourful one because it is spring after all! I saw a girl wearing a cropped jumper and boyfriend jeans in a nightclub the other day and I thought how cool, different and warm she looked, haha.

I’d never really seen the point of cropped jumpers before that, passing up the trend but actually I can see now how they’re a great, sexy alternative to a strap top in the colder months.

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I decided I wanted a pink one (not sure why) and immediately knew Boohoo, aka the kings of knitwear options, would have my back.

Jumper: Boohoo here

This Suzannah sweater is soft, lightweight and exactly what I was looking for. It’s even the perfect length in that it’s not belly button bearing until I lift my arms, showing just a hint of skin otherwise. Subtlety is sexy. I just hope that it washes up nicely as some more affordable jumper tend to go bobbly after a while because of the less expensive materials used. But you know what? At £5, as long as it lasts a season I’ll be happy. I’ll let you know on Twitter how it fairs!

The trick to wearing a baggy top and bottom without looking bigger than you are is to show hints of skin that outline your true shape underneath. The rips in these jeans show that they’re really not fitted at all as they’re baggy at the knees. The slither of midriff under the jumper (when my arms are down) shows that I have a flatter stomach under all the billowy material (even if I am sucking it in like hell here haha!!!). Other tricks include a low-cut neckline to show off the décolletage or stylishly rolling up sleeves and/or ankle cuffs to subtly show off your more slender parts.

Necklace: MADE by Jade here | Nail polish by Rimmel London (old formula with heart on bottle 🙁 )

This necklace is from my own handmade accessory store, MADE by Jade. I love how edgy it looks against the super fluffy pink jumper. Coupled with studs on my boots I these accessories make a nice contrast. I love to mix and match style like that. I love a theme but never wanna look too predictable… 

My god these shoes are painful to walk in. SO high with little ball support. I can handle high shoes but these are high. Thank god I have a fashion blog or I don’t think I’d ever wear them… They’re cool but damn. Instead, they take pride of place on the very top of my hallway shoe stand, proudly displayed and ever taunting me. I have a few pretty-but-painful pairs in that spot haha. Boyfriend? Not impressed. 

Ripped jeans are ooold and custom but I have a video coming soon on how I did them. 

When I went to climb onto this stump my boyfriend was like ‘seriously, what are you doing?’. It doesn’t look that high but when there’s nothing to hold on to and you’re wearing 8 inch platforms it’s treacherous let me tell you! Plus it was rotten in the middle so I very nearly put my foot through it. I had such lactic acid build up in my thighs just from thirty seconds of kneeling too, I don’t know how models do it! Anyway, I find it really boring to just stand still in all the photos. I think it’s much more interesting to look at different angles etc. so I like to play around!

Pretty right? Get yours here at MADE by Jade.

The back of the necklace has a beautiful double ribbon tie which looks gorgeous when your hair is tied up. It also means that you can wear the necklace short as a choker like I am here or long like I did in this post. Cool huh? 

This bracelet will also be going up in my store this week! I just have to photograph it clearly on white for the product page. It’s one of a kind so if you want it email me, once it’s gone, it’s gone! 

Bracelet: MADE by Jade
Bag: River Island at ASOS

Boohoo also do this jumper in an off-white and also a gorgeous mint colour by the way. I just went on the site to get the link for this post, saw they have free shipping right now and very nearly ordered the mint one too. Sadly it’s sold out in in a small which is the size I’m wearing here. FYI I’m UK size 10 so they run true to size (thumbs up Boohoo!). Anway, perhaps it being sold out is God telling me to cool it. This jumper wasn’t the only thing I ordered from their last week… (teeheehee) expect some more outfit pics soon!

Right, I was gonna stay up late tonight to work (haha ‘late’ it’s nearly midnight but that’s not really late for me these days…) but I’m actually falling asleep at my computer as I got up extra early today to bake Easter brownies (recipe post coming later this week!) so I need to call it a day. I’ll have to get up extra extra early tomorrow instead to catch up (insert screw eyed emoji here). 

Luckily I have an exciting breakfast meeting with a PR company to wake up for! Hopefully I’ll hear about some fun new products to share with you. We’re headed to Jackson and Rye in central London so follow me on Instagram for some drool-worthy pancake pics! 

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