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It’s officially spring!!! Haha, I feel like I’ve already started about three posts by saying that (I’m a victim of hype, clearly) but according to Facebook this past Sunday marked the beginning of spring in England and I trust Google. So yes, as it is now definitely, unequivocally the spring season, I ventured out for an easy Sunday stroll amongst the pretty coloured houses of London’s Notting Hill.


While I was there my friend, Evan, and I indulged in a spot of brunch (post on that coming this weekend) and also took the opportunity for a photo session amongst the pretty pinks façades.

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As we were walking along Portobello Road Market shopping I had one of those moments where I made the mistake of venturing into a thrift shop (I guess it’s not a ‘charity’ shop because they money doesn’t go to charity?). Anyway, I thought, ‘Oooh this is a fancy area, I bet they have some nice stuff… Maybe I can bag a bargain!’. Well. £1,800 Chanel bag or £800 MCM backpack anyone? Way out of my price range!! Haha, it was such a tiny shop too and the friendly owners had already said, ‘hi’ on my way in so I had to sidle out past them with my tail between my legs. I bet it happens a lot in there.

Top: H&M | Skirt: Zara | Trench: Mint Velvet | Bag: River Island

Shoes: Converse | Socks: River Island | Watch: Michael Kors

I forgot how much I love Portobello Road. It’s one of my favourite places to hang out on a nice day. The market has so much to offer from vintage clothing and home décor to beautiful jewellery, art and music. Not to mention the abundance of gorgeous flower stalls. I saw a stall with loads of pretty stone rings and was so tempted to buy some but when I see jewellery like that I always think, ‘why don’t I just design them myself for my store?’. It’s just an issue of time… I’m SO busy right now (update post on why soon!) but I love designing so I’m determined to add rings and bangles to my collection this summer! If you have any design requests or suggestions let  me know.  

Even if you don’t want to shop, Notting Hill is full of places to grab great grub or a cup of coffee (after we’d walked off brunch, we decided it was time for a cappuccino and a Nutella crepe) or something stronger if you prefer, there are some great bars in the area. On a sunny day it’s the perfect place to just take a slow stroll and soak up the atmosphere around the intersecting streets, going from the buzzing, vibrant market lane to the serene little streets surrounding it. I had to tear my self away this time but I’ll definitely be there a lot this summer!

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