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Hey! I’ve been really busy lately and I realised that vlogs are a great way to keep my YouTube channel up to date while I’m on the go. My granddad just turned 80 so we made little road trip to Derby so see him and celebrate with an all-you-can-eat buffet! 

There’s a little ‘outfit of the day’ section in there for you too. It’s soooo much easier and quicker to share my outfits on video than in blog photos (although I’ll still do those because they’re artistic and fun). I need to master lighting because this video’s a little dark at then end but I’ll get there. Embedded video is after the jump! 

I looove Chinese food <3 Cosmo restaurant is actually a ‘global buffet’ meaning they have food from all types of cuisines. As well as all of the typical Chinese dishes, they have a tepanyaki and sushi section, English roast dinner, pizza and Indian food and those are just the ones that I can remember. I stuck with Chinese though because it’s the best! 

The dessert table has milk and white chocolate fountains, a tower of candy sweets, macaroons and even crumble and custard! I was in awe because I usually skip dessert at buffets (opting for a fourth plate of food instead) because I can never find anything I like…

Definitely not a healthy meal haha but it was a special occasion! I actually think that I was quite restrained as I only had one plate of main and picked at the dessert – unsurprisingly the above was not a particularly appetising combo haha. What can I say? I got over excited! 

For some crazy, terrible reason they have just closed the Cosmo in London (whaaaaat?) but they have restaurants across the UK so you can check if there’s on near you here. Anyway, I hope that lik the video! I am suuuper hungry now so I’m going to go and eat something before my stomach eats itself. Damn now, I want a takeaway so badly… Luckily I have beef stir fry planned for dinner so that’s kinda Chinese-y anyway :). George is at a meeting so we’re having dinner really late tonight. I’m gonna go and make a chocolate Herbalife shake to keep me going!

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