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Stylist Rachel Zoe is quoted as having once said, ‘fashion is a way to say who you are without ever having to speak’. I couldn’t agree more and this look says, ‘I mean business’. 

 One of the coolest things about being a fashion blogger is that you can show up to a work meeting in anything and noone will bat an eyelid. Well, they might take a second look if you were to wear, say, a see through dress a la Rihanna at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards, but they’d probably still love it. I love working in an industry which doesn’t restrict my ability to express myself when it comes to my outfit.

Having said, that I do understand that not everyone works in fashion and is able to get away with this ensemble in the office haha. So just know that this outfit would still look bold and powerful with a black plunge neck top like this one underneath. Ya know, something a little less naked. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to take off your jacket if the board room gets a little stuffy.

When I showed this look to my best friends after shooting it last week, my friend Sophie laughed at how naked it was haha. I guess working in fashion for so long has numbed me to that, this doesn’t even strike me a risque any more. As long as I have plenty of tit tape to hand then I am A okay with wearing this to a meeting.

This actually isn’t a suit but two separates that I bought years apart from H&M and still have. Together they cost less than £60. That’s the beauty of black, you can mix and match so seamlessly. How gorgeous are these shoes by the way? I am in LOVE with them, they’re my favourites by far. Sadly, they’re old season Zara so they’re not in stock any more but ASOS do have these shiny, gold court shoe which are pretty beaut.

Blazer & Trouser: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Carvela by Kurt Geiger, Watch: Accurist (mens), Body Chain: ASOS

I think that a black blazer is an absolute wardrobe staple that every woman should own. It’s just so easy to pop one one over even something as simple as a jeans and t-shirt to instantly look smarter. Add heels and a nice top handle bag and your style factor goes through the roof. This particular H&M blazer is quite long, with it being a boyfriend style. That’s fine for androgynous dressing like this and great for wearing with a mini skirt, as it covers my butt for a classier combo, but I do feel like I need a shorter one for wearing with jeans so I’m currently on the hunt.

A styling tip for tailored trousers; when pairing them with heels, pick pairs that are long. Not dragging-on-floor-can’t-ever-wear-them-with-flat-shoes long but just long enough that they bunch ever so slightly at the ankle. This will make them slight baggy at the bottom, adding some cool edginess to offset the feminine heels – it’s a great combo.

Similarly, when wearing them with casual, flat shoes like ballet flats for example, I like to have them short enough that they just graze the bottom of my ankle and brush the top of my foot. This will ensure that there’s no bunching at the bottom which will keep the strong, straight silhouette of the trouser legs looking extra smart to offset the causal shoes and make me look more polished overall. It will also create the illusion of a longer, leaner leg and we need all the help we can get when wearing flats!

I’m in love with this Carvela by Kurt Geiger Aurelie bag that I picked up in the Debenhams winter sale. The structured shape and beautiful gold detailing make it look more high end than its high street price tag of just £55 (it’s still on sale here). When shopping for budget bags, the devil is in the detail. Any additional, fine touches that make a bag look like a top designer took the time to create them will make a bag look more expensive. Coloured zips, printed text, embossed stamping, extra pockets. A structure that holds itself well is also important as most high end bags and made from real leather which is stiffer and studier than pleather. I have to keep reminding myself not to overstuff this one so that it holds it’s shape. Next time your in a department store, I encourage you to swing by the designer handbag section and make some notes of little things to look for next time you’re in the market for a good high street bag. They do exist, I promise.

Whilst the people I work with may not bat an eyelid at a bold outfit, passersby do have a tendency to stare when I’m shooting a look like this on a sleepy Sunday morning haha. So I took a scarf with me to curb curiosity as we walked to the location. I’d lost it by the time I went to the supermarket alone afterwards though as it was really sunny. Did you see my tweet? Well, let’s just say that I got quite a lot of stares from families as I wandered around fruit and veg aisle . It was only once I left that I realised that I must have looked like I was doing the most epic of walk of shame haha. Oh well! If you’re gonna go down, go down in style!

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