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With prom, university leavers’ balls and summer parties just around the corner, I think it’s about time I share some outfit of the night styling inspo – don’t you? So when Boohoo invited me to reminisce about my prom days I jumped at the chance. I feel like I’ve really come into my own style-wise since my prom (having a fashion blog will do that to you, haha) so I feel like a fashion re-do is definitely in order! While we’re on the subject, I’m dishing the dirt on my own prom and what I’d do differently. Join the party and click ‘read more’ for more photos!

First, the dress! 90s chic is so in right now and I am obsessed. I’m also a sucker for a bit of gothic romance so this Boohoo Lisa Scallop Strap Lace Dress is exactly what I’d wear on a fancy night out now. Sophisticated, chic and a little bit sexy (I am in my twenties now after all) – all the things I look for in an outfit for a big night. It also comes in a dusty rose and a lilac colour for an ultra feminine look.

Can you believe that this prom dress was only £22 from Boohoo!? That’s ridiculous! I’m a huge believer in the cost-per-wear theory where you divide the cost by the amount of times you’re likely to wear it to determine if it’s worth it. As occasion wear doesn’t typically get as much use as a daywear, I’m reluctant to splurge on it and now with brands like Boohoo you don’t have to! 

Is anyone else obsessed with chokers right now? The Jenner-Hadid clan strike again! No, but seriously, my obsession with the 90s is unwavering (perhaps it’s all the Charmed reruns I’ve been watching lately…) and I’ve become so enamoured with chokers that I had to design some for my collection. This one features a rose gold coloured Swarovski crystal set on black ribbon – so pretty! I have all different coloured crystals which I’ve ordered from Paris from sea green, pink, baby blue, clear and an iridescent sparkly one that I’m calling ‘The Unicorn Crystal’. The chokers will be listed on my store, madebyjade.co.uk, this week so follow my store on Twitter for the announcement or, if you just can’t wait until then, email me at mailmadebyjade@gmail.com to order yours!

Lisa Scallop Lace Strap Mini Dress: Boohoo, Elsa Zip Top Clutch Bag: House of Fraser, Shelby Stiletto Shoes: Public Desire, Rose Gold Swarovski Choker: Made by Jade, Bracelet: Custom Made by Jade

I looove Chanel Chance perfume for the evenings. It’s feminine and floral and just smells incredibly classy. Perfume is an area where I like to splurge as I think having a sophisticated signature scent is so elegant and high end perfumes do tend to last longer. To save money I like to get mine from stores like Beauty Base where there’s often a sale and then day-to-day I wear something less expensive – Britney Spears Fantasy is my other favourite! 

Guess how much these Public Desire heels were… If you guessed £9.99 you were right. Yup less than £10! That’s why Public Desire are, hands down, my new favourite shoe brand. Not only are they affordable but their designs are really unique and trendy at the same time. They take the trends and add their own cool PD spin on them. I have my eye on their lucite heel peep toe ankle boots next – beyond cool! 

Wall Frames: Made by Jade

How gorgeous is this super pretty embellished Elsa Ziptop Clutch is from House of Fraser? It’s the prefect colour for spring and summer with its beige base and the beautiful beads have so many different colours in them that they’ll go with everything. It also has a silver chain cross body strap inside so that you can go hands free – a must! I know that I’m going to get so much wear out of it. I love it so much that I custom made a beaded Made by Jade bracelet to match it with beads in the same colours. I think custom jewellery is such a beautiful touch if you have a special accessory you want to match to show off. If you need a special piece this summer, let me know!

I went with a bronze smokey eye inspired by this pin on my Summer Occasions Pinterest board – gotta love a bit of Pinspiration! I skipped false eyelashes because apparently I will never ever be able to do those on myself in my adult life… 

I’ve been really enjoying the results of my Herbalife lifestyle change at the moment so I love how figure-hugging this dress is. If you’d prefer a different style though, Boohoo have sooo many to choose from!! Have a look through their prom dresses, there are some really beautiful silhouettes and prints on there. Other favourites of mine include the Silvia Sateen Dress and Boutique Mia Skater Dress – so elegant.

 When it comes to my beauty regime for a special night there’s a whole 24 hours prep involved to make sure I’m feeling my absolute best and prepped for emergencies! I’m gonna make a YouTube video talking about this in detail.

When you pretend that you don’t want your photo taken but really you do because you know you’re fleeky…

Surprise! These fun tribal Aztec-y nails are a mix of nail wraps (a new favourite of mine) and some super simple Pinterest-inspired DIY nail art. I of course have done a step-by-step tutorial post on them for you which will be going up right here on Saturday (more outfits to come first) see – I always have your back!

I think it’s fun to make a full day of prom and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. If you can’t afford a salon hairstyle or professional makeup, why not invite your friends round to get ready together and you can all help each other get the look you want? There’s always someone who’s a dab hand at braids, another who can do eyeliner, eyelashes etc. (lord knows I could have done with that person!) so join forces and create a glam squad. Bring things for a sleepover after the prom and you and your pals can sip sparkling Schloer and listen to music while you get ready, helping each other add the finishing touches and lending emergency accessories! Invite your mums over to share in the excitement with champagne cake and vino and to photograph the getting ready process too before the official photos begin – it’s all part of the fun! 

Jacket: TK Maxx

My Past Prom Dresses

I had two proms, one at the end of Year 11, aged 16, and another at the end of Year 13 – clearly our school got a little overexcited! The first year I wore a long black velvet dress kind of similar to this Boohoo one in cut but without the sheer lace part. It was pretty and was a hand-me-down from my mum because she had so many beautiful evening dresses of her own she didn’t see the point in spending more money on a new one. I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed not to get a shiny new made-to-measure dress like some of the other girls in my year but in hindsight I can totally understand. There weren’t as many cool brands like Boohoo around then selling affordable stylish dresses. It was either an expensive department store or Primarni. I did however get these beautiful new black strappy square-toe sandals with crystal embellishments that reminded me of something Rachel from Friends would wear. Very 90s (it wasn’t the 90s btw – I’m not that age yet!). I still remember the moment I saw them in the shop window – love at first sight!

For the next prom my parents went all-out. They bought me this beautiful ivory satin dress that I’d been looking longingly at in a local boutique window for weeks. It was a Cinderella-style strapless minidress with ruffles, gold embellished broidery on the bust and a puffy bottom. It basically looked like a short wedding dress haha but I was so in love with it that it took pride of place on my wall for years! I still have both dresses and will pass them on to my daughter (god willing I have one). I’ll go back through Facebook to see if I can dig up my prom photos for a #tbt post on my Instagram so keep an eye out this week! 

My Top Tips for a Fabulous Prom:

I did one prom the wrong way and the next prom right. The two experiences could not have been more different and I’m so glad as it means I can share with you!

Go with people you actually like

I made that mistake before and it really ruined my whole experience. Social pressures at school can make you feel like you have to hang around with a certain crowd – believe me, I know. However it’s your night so make sure that you spend it with the people you want to be with. By my second prom I’d finally plucked up the courage to move friendship groups to a group of 11 other girls who are still, 7 years later, my best friends. This prom was 100 times better! I don’t even remember much of the first one, it was so dull, but my second one will stay with me until I’m old a grey as one of those memories of being young and carefree.

Wear something you feel comfortable in

Both times I was really lucky to have prom dresses that I felt comfortable in. Physically and psychologically. I remember some girls wearing big beautiful puffy gowns that looked as awkward to walk in as they did beautiful – it’s just not worth the hassle! This lace Boohoo number is sooo comfy because it stretches – perfect for dancing in! I love how figure-hugging and flattering it is. It’s so important to feel beautiful so that you can relax so pick a dress that shows of your best features and, if you have something you’re self conscious about, make sure to pick a dress in which you won’t be worrying all night. Same goes for shoes, as tempting as 6 inch stilletos are, if you can’t dance in them all night, what’s the point? You may think you can go barefoot when the time calls but the health and safety police will be on the prowl so, if in doubt, err on the side of caution and go for a wedge or something with a platform so that you don’t have to sit out.

You don’t need to spend a fortune

I’ve done it both ways with a hand-me-down prom dress one prom and splurging on a brand new boutique one the next. I have to say, as nice as it is having an expensive dress, it’s an unnecessary expense. Don’t get me wrong, I really did love mine and wouldn’t change it for the word, but it was a 18th birthday present – hence the splurge. Otherwise, I would have definitely bought from Boohoo or somewhere on the high street. Not only is it soooo much more affordable but it’s more practical too. I’ll be able to wear this black lace Boohoo dress over and over to other dances, fancy dinners and parties. I couldn’t wear my fru-fru boutique dress anywhere haha it’s just too… fru fru! Not only that but it got beer spilt on it and a cigarette burn during the night… At least if this happens to an affordable dress it’s replaceable! 

You don’t need a date

If you go with good friends you absolutely do not need to have a date. Those of my friends who didn’t already have boyfriends never worried about dates for one second. I don’t even remember seeing any of the guys at the prom (although I’m sure I cared about it at the time) but in hindsight it’s such a minor detail. I’d much rather spend the night dancing with my girls than worrying about awkward silences with a guy I went with ‘just because’.

Don’t Get Crazy Drunk

At a Year 13/college prom the temptation to show off and buy tonnes of sneaky pre-drinks, just because you can, can be so tempting. The truth is though that being drunk and sloppy in a ball gown is not a good look on anyone. My friends and I couldn’t tell you who didn’t drink at our prom but we can all remember the ones who made an arse of themselves. You want prom night to be a night you can remember for the right reasons not because you embarrassed yourself, got kicked out and had your parents called. No bueno.


I know that, at the time, looking perfect and having everything planned can seem like the most important thing in the world but trust me, in a few year’s time prom night will be a distant memory… Don’t get bogged down in the details. Just make sure that you enjoy it and take a mental picture (the odd selfie never hurt either!).

If you already follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve already been to one ball this year so I’ve been trying on a lot of pretty dresses lately! You can see a few of them in the vlog videos I’ll be posting on my YouTube channel this week so make you subscribe for more summer styling suggestions! 

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