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If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt from Kendall Jenner it’s that activewear can be super stylish. From luxury leggings to high end hoodies, her gym wear wardrobe takes, ‘I woke up like this’ chic to a new level. Comfort for the win. The best thing about it though? While Balmain may be a little steep for my current bank balance, gym gear I can certainly stretch to. 

 Now £500 leggings and £300 trainers may be a little out of my reach (like does she actually, really, properly exercise in that stuff?) but luckily bae-yonce and powerhouse Topshop have combined forces to bring us Ivy Park, an affordable line of cool activewear that we wouldn’t be scared to sweat in – yay! Full review after the jump.

These loose fit, breathable Ivy Park shorts have built in short shorts so that you don’t flash anyone as you workout – genius! 

I looove that this is a leotard rather than a top as it means that I don’t have worry about it riding up as I stretch – one of my pet peeves with workout clothes. The material is thick meaning lots of chest support and I could get away without a bra. You would think a fitted leotard might become uncomfortable to workout in, ya know ‘down there’ but I found it absolutely fine. I think this piece is great for doing yoga in as it fits like a second skin and stretches really nicely. For cardio I’d probably opt for on the looser fitting tank tops.

Excuse the crumpled shorts haha, they had to survive a trip across London in a duffle bag. I suppose that’s kind of annoying actually if you want to carry your gym wear with you, to work etc. but the idea of this line is more that it’s cool enough to wear out and about to the gym rather than being balled up and carried. Plus honestly, if you’re going to be sweating who care about a few creases? It’s all about the fit and these are really flattering. Just a little heads up – I did find that I got vpl when I wore these lightweight shorts with the thick leotard so I think it’s best to pair the leotard with the Ivy Park skort or the thicker, sweatpants material shorts for extra coverage.

This lightweight rollaway mat is from Poundland. Granted, it’s not the most stylish thing in the world and it does have an annoying tendency to curl up at the edges but that’s not a problem once you’re on it (only when you’re posing with it for blog photos haha). It’s so handy for working out on the go because it weighs almost nothing. It’s perfect for keeping stashed under your desk at work ready for a 5 o’cock park workout on a sunny day. 

With threads that can take us straight from street style to spin class we can now avoid the dreaded, ‘I hope noone I know sees me’ feeling as we run errands on the way to the gym. Just add some oversized sunnies, a black bomber and a trendy top handle bag and you’ll go from work out to working it in no time.

I love this line. I don’t know about you but if I feel like if I look great while I’m working out it puts me in a better mood and makes we want to work out even harder. Rather than catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, thinking, ‘what’s point?’ and going home to devour a jar of Nutella (or three). 

At an average price of £30 a pop Ivy Park isn’t exactly Primark prices but I think that when it comes to activewear you really get what you pay for. It’s worth paying a bit more for materials that will wick away sweat subtly, stay comfortable and not wear through quickly. I’ll never forget the time I wore my favourite Primark leggings to a spin class only to have a kind lady inform me that I had a giant hole in the butt of them. Fun times. Plus, when you pay more for activewear that you like and actually want to wear, you’re more likely to work out meaning that gym membership direct debit will actually go to good use. 

Ivy Park have some other really cool pieces I have my eye on so I intend to expand my collection over the summer! I really like how the branding is the same across the whole line so the pieces mix and match really nicely. Does anyone know of any other cool workout ranges that don’t break the bank? I love Nike too but it can get a little steep at times… Would love to know! 

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