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When it comes to makeup I’ve learned where I need to splurge and where I can afford to save. A funny choice of words you may think but the truth is that, after years of wasting money on certain high street products hoping they’d be as magical as MAC and, similarly, splurging on some Chanel only to realise it’s the same as Sleek, I’ve learned where is best to invest.

So, without further ado, I’m sharing my foundation favourites and how to get the best of your beauty budget with some pieces for as little as one pound. Take a peek…

We all know that I’m a pioneer for penny pinching (without sacrificing style) but even I must admit that unfortunately, when it comes to face products, the range of dark shades on the high street is just not that great. 

I was complaining about this very issue to my boyfriend last year whilst dragging him on mad hunt for a good high street concealer in my shade. I noted that I knew MAC had one and was looking for an inexpensive dupe. What started as a fun little birthday shopping trip in London became a stressful search. After trawling all of Central London he asked me why I didn’t just pay the extra for the MAC one that I knew was good instead of trying to make a circle fit into a square and risking wasting more money. Well, I didn’t need telling twice to go to MAC! And guess what? 14 months later I’ve not even hit pan on that MAC concealer. It’s so thick and highly pigmented that just a tiny dab covers a huge area. Sometimes you get what you pay for… 

The same can be said for my foundation. Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light is worth every penny of it’s department store price tag of £30. agree and have rated the original formula the best medium to full coverage foundations and even the ‘light’ version is medium coverage in my opinion. It goes on like a creamy dream, blends well, dries the actual colour it is (not that murky, grey colour so many dark foundations tend to) and a little goes a very long way meaning more bang for your buck. I’ve been wearing it for years. Yes, a high street foundation might cost you a third of the price but when you have to use three times as much to get the same coverage – what’s the point? What’s more, Feel Unique currently have my shade, 6.5, on sale at £22.50 so I’ll be promptly placing an order after I’ve pressed publish on this post!

 I love it so much in fact I bought it twice! I use it not only as my base foundation but as a brightener too. I use the shade 6.5 on my cheeks, chin and temples and, if I’m feeling fancy (and haven’t hit ‘snooze’ one too many times) I’ll apply the lighter shade, 6.0, in upside-down triangles under my eyes and down the entire centre of my face as a brightener to give my face more dimension. You can see exactly how here in my Glowy Summer Foundation YouTube tutorial. Again this might sound more expensive but, as I only use each shade on half of my face, I go through the two half as quickly. 

Right now I’m really enjoying setting and mattifying my foundation with my MAC’s Mineralize Skinfinish in Deep Dark. I find it more natural looking than their Studio Fix powder and the subtle shimmer in it really brightens my skin. If I’m ever reeeeally in a hurry, I’ll wear just this alone as it takes literally ten seconds to apply and a thin veil significantly softens the look of blemishes and dull skin. I bought this at the same time I bought my concealer and again, I’ve barely hit pan on it yet so it’s another great investment! I apply it with my Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. It’s meant for liquids but I find that if I use it as a finishing touch it blends both my liquid and powders together beautifully for a really natural look.

 Finally, brows! I think that brows really make all the difference to making a face look ‘polished’ even if you have minimal makeup so I have a great brow grooming tutorial video in the works. For every day filling I loooove the Make Up Academy brown pencil in brunette. It’s a steal at just £1, has a handy brush on the end and is the perfect colour to match my dark hair. I would never use a black eyebrow pencil unless you have very full brows, super dark hair and want a really bold look. I find that dark brown blends much more naturally. MUA have a blonde pencil too. 

I feel like my hair looks fulls of dandruff here but I had put shine spray on it just before shooting these pictures and it’s where the light is gleaming off the shiny beads of spray!

Since taking these photos I’ve added an extra contouring and highlighting step to my makeup routine after finally finding my holy grail contour colour palette and ***drum roll please*** it’s HIGH STREET – huzzah! Luckily for us I did include in this foundation routine video I just posted to my YouTube channel so check that out if you’re interested. I don’t contour every single day if I’m honest. To paraphrase a popular Pinterest quote, I only contour on days with a coffee in them so sometimes I’ll skip this step but it really elevates my makeup game when I do! 

That’s it for now folks, I off to bed but I hope that you enjoyed! All being well, tomorrow I’ll be sharing a post on how to eat out and save money and, if you’re lucky, there may be a new vlog on my YouTube channel so stay tuned! 

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