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It’s no secret, I’m a golden girl. Silver may be cool yes but gold… Warm, rich and gorgeously glittering under the summer sun. Rose gold though, rose gold is magical in its own right. Not as bold as regular gold, but subtly striking instead. Cool and warm at the same time. Sassy in style statement yet still soft and feminine due to its pink accenting. 

When I saw that mirrored rose gold sunglasses were trending this summer I just new I had to get a pair. After a quick butchers on ASOS and other trendy sites at pairs for £30-100, I knew there was only one place that was going to be in my price bracket. Low and behold, pages and pages of glimmering mirrored rose gold sunglasses all at great prices.

Whilst in winter I tend towards black, no colour combo says ‘summer’ to me more than crisp whites with gold accessories. Something about the way that the sunlight bounces off the white and gleams off the gold just makes those colours extra beautiful at this time of year. Perhaps a little risky for an all day excursion but perfect for a Saturday morning coffee catch up with the girls. I can manage to keep white clean for two hours. Just.

And where did I get the glasses from? eBay of course! For a cool £10.49 I ordered these from my favourite site for trendy accessories. I don’t see the point in investing a lot of money in flash fashions that will probably seem outdated by next summer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a slave to trends and I still have, and wear, my blue lensed aviators that were all the rage in 2014 but I’m not as excited about them as I was back then so I’m glad I didn’t invest in the expensive Rayban ones (especially as I left them on top of our car in Mexico sending them flying across the freeway. Needless to say they’re somewhat scratched now…).  

So eBay it was. I got them from the seller glam-tech2010. There was a bit of a delay with the delivery at first due to a mix up but they were really helpful, friendly and responsive in sorting it out and getting them to me ASAP after that so I’d definitely buy from them again. There are a lot of shapes on the market the moment but I love the sassy cat eye shape of these. You don’t mess with a woman in cat eye sunglasses. Especially not rose gold ones. My one gripe about the sunglasses? They’re a b***h to shoot! Because they’re mirrored, they just reflect whatever I’m looking at so it’s really difficult to show their true colour. I tried but as you see they look mostly green here because of all the grass (d’oh!). If you want to see their true colour just look here on my Instagram profile @missjadefraser.

Choker: Coming soon to MADE by Jade (email me for pre orders at

I’m really into braids at the moment so I went with those to pull back my hair and really draw focus to the glasses. Plus I’m lazy when it comes to hairstyling and I can keep these in for a couple of days knowing that when I take them out I’ll have nice waves – win! Golden brown lips finish off the look. This colour combo is Revlon’s Black Cherry mixed with my foundation for, a warm reddish brown base, with MAC Viva Glam VI and a dabbing of gold eyeshadow over it. A soft peach shade would also look fab if you have lighter skin.

How intricate and beautiful is this beaded clutch from House of Fraser? It also has a cross body strap (woop woop!)
Sunglasses: eBay | Rose Gold Choker: MADE by Jade
Trench: Primark | Leggings: Zara | Trainers: Nike Air Max 90s from Footlocker (mens colour!) | Bag: House of Fraser

I decided to do something a little fun and put matching laces in my (slightly old now) Nike Air Max’s to pull the look together even more. This is just some ribbon I have for my jewellery line, MADE by Jade. I think this is such a fun touch, I used to wear colourful laces all the time when I was at school, I’m going to start doing it again this summer it’s such a fun way to add some extra thought to your look.

Nike Air Max 90s from Footlocker (in a small mens’ size – they have better colours!)
Choker from my collection MADE by Jade – email me for pre order at

To match my new sunglasses? All rose gold accessories of course. A super cool choker with a rose gold Swarovski crystal from my own collection, MADE by Jade. These aren’t going to be listed on the store until autumn so if you want one now just message me to be one of the first to get them! Also a watch – borrowed from the bf. I love oversized watches so I”m always borrowing his. I particularly like how the masculinity of this one is offset by the ultra feminine nails. Oh the nails! Not an expensive salon job or two hour DIY nail art but a marvellous minute manicure from nail wraps by ThumbsUP Nails – my new favourite nail brand. They’re manicure stickers that you apply in an instant and file to shape your nail. No drying, no cutting even (unless you wanna get fancy) just stick, file and go. If you’d like to see a step-by-step photo tutorial of how to apply them click here. I love the nail art tutorial videos on their site but this pattern is so gorgeous I decided to just wear it as is this time. Elegant yet trendy.

Nails: Thumbs Up Nail Wraps in Ame 

Are there any trends you have your eye on this summer? I’m trying not to pay too much attention to them as once I get a look in my head I find it really hard not to indulge! Every year I want new crisp white pair of Converse (I only have old high tops) . You can see the others here on my constantly updates ‘to buy’ list on Pinterest – I’m always pinning affordable fashion with links to the buy pages so do follow me if you want easy shopping suggestions! 

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