Healthy Chocolate Chip Frozen Yoghurt | Recipe

What’s better than double chocolate chip ice cream? Something that looks like chocolate chip ice cream, tastes like chocolate chip ice cream and yet contains wayyyy less fat than chocolate chip ice cream – woop woop! All the nice, much less naughty. Yes, cool, creamy and oh so chocolatey, this delicious DIY fro yo tastes so decadent you’d never guess it’s a healthier alternative to shop bought chocolate ice cream. It actually tastes more chocolatey than chocolate ice cream I think. Probably because there’s less yucky fat getting in the way of all that rich chocolatey flavour.

I totally dropped the fro yo out of the cone when getting this shot… See Twitter for the fail photo!

Bring it to this summer’s BBQs and picnics to show off to share with your friends (or keep it all to yourself – no judgement here trust me). Either way it’s a winner s read on for the super easy 3 ingredient recipe…

So, can you guess what the three simple ingredients that you need for a chocolate chip frozen yoghurt recipe are?

Ingredients (makes four scoops  for one, okay fine, two servings)
100g Dark Chocolate (I like Tesco’s own brand because it’s rich yet sweet but you do you)
15g Chocolate Chips (optional but highly recommended because – more chocolate!)
3/4 Cup Low Fat Greek Yoghurt

Kudos if you guessed the ingredients correctly, it was a hard one.

Step One: Melt Your Chocolate
I always prefer to melt chocolate over a bain marie aka a Pyrex bowl set over a pot of boiling water. It only takes five minutes and I can go and watch Gossip Girl  carry on with my work while it melts. If, however, you really really reeeeeally prefer, you can microwave it on a low setting checking it at 20 second intervals for burning – a risk when microwaving which is exactly why I prefer the bain marie.

Step Two: Mix Into Yoghurt
Once your chocolate has melted, let it cool (but not re-harden, that would suck as you’d have to do step 1 over again and it’d probs go lumpy) then gently fold in your cool, melted chocolate until it’s all mixed well. Add your chocolate chips here too, keeping a small pinch back to sprinkle when serving. Try to gently fold rather than madly stir, as the more air is in the mixture the more ice cream-y it’ll be (as opposed to a lump of chocolate fro yo ice).

Step Three: Freeeeeeze!
Once your mixture looks beautifully even in colour, it’s time to pop it in the freezer. Mine took three hours to set to the perfect texture for scooping but freezer power varies so I’d start checking it after an hour just to be sure. If it over-freezes just take it out a bit before you want to serve it so it can melt to the texture you like.

And serve! I have been and will continue to scoff this like no one’s business this summer. Not only is it healthier than chocolate ice cream from the shop but it’s quite fun making it for yourself too since it’s so easy – none of that ice cream maker lark that you see on Come Dine With Me haha! Pleeeease let us know if you try it and share links to any summer recipe that you love in a comment below!

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