DIY Pinterest Style Bouquet

If you love Pinterest as much as me, you’ll have seen all of the images of stunning rooms adorned with roses, or piles of pretty pink and white peonies, delicately laid in glass vases on top of stacks of stylish books. Well, I decided to shamelessly recreate the look for my living room because well, I think it’s gorgeous. I certainly don’t have the budget to buy fresh florals every week though so in this post I’m showing you how to DIY at a fraction of the price. 

Read on for my tips, tricks and cheats to getting the look for less!

Okay, so first thing’s first – the flowers. If you just don’t have the cash to get fresh flowers every week, faux flowers are your best bet. As I said in my Pretty & Productive Desk Space post, the idea of fake flowers no longer has to leave you cringing as there are so many great, realistic ones out there nowadays. I picked these ones up from my local Poundland for £1 per stem so this whole bunch cost me just £7! Instead of an expensive glass vase, I picked up this fishbowl (meant to be used for cocktails haha) from Poundland too. It may not be as fancy as glass, but from a distance you really can’t tell and I’m not expecting my guests to try to pick it up and inspect it- who does that!? So no one will ever know! Apart from you guys… ;).

I trimmed the stems to the right height using some little wire cutters I had in my toolbox, you can use strong scissors but this is much easier. I tried to cut them so that the buds are only just poking out of the top of the vase as the less of the stems are showing, the more realistic the flowers will look.

I then arrange the flowers how I wanted them. I had a mix of pink and white stems so I arranged them randomly as a bouquet from the flower shop would be. Then I tied the stems together with this pretty ribbon I got from a local haberdasher. They often have an offcuts basket with little pieces of ribbon for pennies so that you don’t even have to buy a while roll if you’d rather not.

I totally forgot to put water in here before I shot this!! Make the flowers look even more realistic

 The final step is to add water to the bowl so that they really look like real flowers – I forgot to do this before I took this photos haha!! I think I’ll trim the stems a bit more too so that the buds just rest on the lip of the bowl as that’ll make the gorgeous colours the focal point. What do you think overall? I love Pinterest so I think it’s really nice to know that we can all recreate the beautiful decor we see on there with a little DIY!

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