Blogmas #1: Sensationail Gel Nail Kit

Hey guys! So I’ve been catching up with my favourite blogs and YouTube channels lately and watching these girls thinking, ‘how do they do it?!’. How on earth do they find the time to create amazing content day after day and still, you know, breath and everything. Anyway, I don’t know what’s come over me – I think it’s more 1st of December festive vibes than anything – but I suddenly now feel the urge to do BLOGMAS!!! I’m working in a Costa in London and have to dash off to a meeting in exactly seven minutes but I figure that exactly enough time for me to quickly share with you something cool I discovered all too long ago so here it it is!!

As someone who’s time short and penny poor (is that a saying?) I often envy my friends who have constantly perfect nails all the time thanks to their biweekly salon trips. Now, I don’t have £15 a week to put towards my nails (well maybe I do, but I’d rather spend it on food) so I was delighted to discover this incredible DIY Polish 2 Gel kit from Sensationail.

Unlike other DIY gel nail kits our there, you can use the kit with your own nail polishes so if, like me, you have a collection to rival any salon and the idea of starting from scratch just doesn’t appeal then have no fear – Sensationail are here! You can either mix the UV solution in their kit with your nail polish or paint over it for a chip free manicure for up to 10 days.

This is going to be a godsend now that we’re in the festive period. With so many dinners, parties and general festive frolicking in our diaries painting out nails every other night will be one less thing on the to do list. You can buy Sensational Polish 2 Gel here. You can either get the full starter kit for £50 – sounds like a lot but think that’s two the cost of just two trips to get gel manicures at the nail salon and you’ll save so much more than that with the kit! This would also make a really nice Christmas pressie for any girly girl.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any time saving tricks that save you during party season! I have a post coming up on great desk to dancefloor party season dressing, an old favourite theme of mine so keep and eye out and come back tomorrow for the second day of blogmas and a brand new post!