Blogmas #3: Classy & Casual Winter Woollens | Outfit

It’s f-f-freeeezing in London all of a sudden and about 75% of my wardrobe suddenly feels obselete. I know most people just looove winter fashion but I rather loathe it if I’m honest, mostly because it forces us to dress according to necessity more than whimsy. 

On days like this Saturday when I’m out and about, I refuse to be let Mother Nature bully me into covering up a perfectly good outfit with a ginormous coat so instead, at this time of year, I turn to layering to lift my look and keep things stylish. 

Huge scarves are my favourite go to way to nail winter layering this year. A scarf any time of year can transform a whole look (so much so that I have an entire post dedicated to this soon) and in winter they’re ideal for adding warmth whilst also adding dimension to an otherwise flat outfit. This one here was a Christmas gift from River Island and Zara also have some beautiful style.

A quality, stylish winter coat is a wardrobe essential and one worth investing in I think. Having gone through loads of cheaper coats which aren’t very warm and inevitably end up with disintergating seams and ripped lining, I’ve now got myself down to just two coats and one jacket which are in rotation this year; all different colours and style to cover my bases. This one was from Mint Velvet and has lasted me for years. I really like the clean, square cut of it. This structural shape coupled with the strong collar make it look smart enough to wear in a formal setting, whilst the fact that it’s soft and woolly and in light grey rather than harsh black means that it’s easy to pair with jeans and dress down too.

Coat: Mint Velvet | Scarf: River Island | Jeans: H&M | Trainers: M&S, similar here | Bag: Similar here | Sunglasses: Rayban

Whenever I don’t have time (or just can’t be arsed) to do the full hair and makeup shebang, I always pop a pair of sunglasses on my head as I find that it just makes me look a bit more put-together. They’re like jewellery for your head kind of, a modern day crown if you will. Haha, okay, maybe I wouldn’t go that far but it’s a good way to detract from an otherwise boring hair do and an easy, quick way to rack up extra style points just for accesorising well. 

I really like the look of tennis shoes with a structured coat (or a pencil skirt just FYI) as the mix of smart and casual look really cool together. These fresh white ones are from M&S but New Look have loads of really nice ones on sale for under £10 right now! 

That’s all she wrote folks! Sorry I’ve skipped a couple of days in blogmas already (sad face). I was helping my parents to work at a charity do all this weekend and I also had a best friend emergency too (girl code, you know how it goes) so I didn’t have time to shoot much and couldn’t edit until tonight. Curse these ruddy winter daylight hours – bring on Summer 2017!!! I’ll try to make up for it with bonus posts somewhere along the way…

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