Blogmas #4: Desk to Dance Floor Desk Drawer Essentials

 ‘Tis the season to be jolly which usually means lots of socialising (yay!) the downside to this (other than being ass broke) is that it also means a lot of going straight out after work with no time to change (boo).

 We’re forever facing the dilemma of finding outfits that are formal enough for work but fierce enough for the dancefloor.  In this post I’m sharing with you the little gems I like to keep in my desk drawer that make a Clark Kent style quick change in the bathroom at work a cinch.  

Okay, so first is the shoes. At times when I know that the
likelihood of an impromptu after work shindig is ever-heightened, I like to keep
a pair of ‘goes with everything’ heels under my desk rather than lugging them
back and forth day after day. Pointed black court shoes are a current favourite
of mine as they go great with skirts and trousers and are unassuming enough
that most people won’t notice that you’re wearing the same shoes.

To go with my shoes, a matching clutch is a must since there’s
something not so cool about trailing a tote bag across the dance floor. As long
as it’s big enough to fit my keys, my phone and whatever else I need to get
myself to work in the morning, I can just lock my normal work bag in my desk
drawer where it’s safe, sound and ready for me tomorrow.

On days when I’m feeling a little lacklustre, a slick of bold
like MAC’s Russian Red takes me from drab to fab in seconds. A
marvellous manicure always give me a boost so I also keep a classic colour to
hand. This season it’s OPI’s Dear Santa, a deep shimmery red. I’ll paint my
nails in my lunch break and finish with a fast-drying top coat like Seche Vite
but if I really don’t have the time I also keep a glitter polish in my drawer
so that I can apply one coat just to add some shimmer to my look.

A top up of classy-smelling fragrance always makes me feel extra
special too. Since I don’t like to wear my most expensive perfumes to work for any old day, I find the Travalo
spritzers a godsend. I keep one filled with my favourite perfume to hand for
times just like these and it saves me having to carry a heavy and expensive
bottle around with me or, worse, having to buy two heavy expensive bottles –
one for work and one for home.

Some glitzy jewellery is another great way to upgrade your outfit
in a flash. I keep some dazzling earrings and a statement necklace in my drawer
to seamlessly transfer my look from day to night. If you don’t want to keep
your best gems at work, costume jewellery like this necklace from H&M is a
great affordable option.

Why is it always the way that on the day you got your hair just so
nothing much is going on but the one day when you decide to go for a sloppy,
messy bun suddenly everyone wants to get turned up? To save me in times like
these, I also keep hair bands, pins and a travel-sized bottle of hairspray in
my drawer. As soon as I know I’m going out, I’ll pop to the bathroom dab a
little water in the ends of my hair so that it’s damp. Then I’ll quickly put in
a couple of French braids or, failing that, scrunch my hair back into a messy
bun, and when I take it out at 5pm I’m left with cute waves. If it’s still not
looking 100%, I’ll brush my hair to one side, secure with hairspray and then
add some pins for an effortlessly chic look. 

As it is, I actually work from home most days know so on those odd
occasions that I’m in another office and going out afterwards, I have to lug
all these little essentials across London with me in my Neverfull (oh the irony of the name!). On these days I look to Desk to Dance Floor Outfits to save me so if you missed my post on that give it a little read. Hopefully you guys found this helpful! As I’m
attempting blogmas the next post will be much sooner than you think!

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