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Between blogging, freelancing and everything else that I have going on, I don’t know where I’d be without my Filofax. Daily ‘To Do’ lists are a must for me and, though I keep a more detailed Google doc of everything I need to stay on top of, I like to keep a paper list to hand that I can tick off throughout the day. Does anyone else prefer handwritten lists? There’s just something so satisfying about striking off each task as you complete it. 

As much as a love staying on top of things, lists can get a little bit monotonous, especially if the things on them are not that fun. To keep me inspired, I like to make mine as pretty as possible so that I feel uplifted every time I open my planner instead of weighed down. Here are some cool and pretty ideas for ways to make your personal planner a little more exciting.

My planner itself is a Filofax Personal Planner. I got it about six years ago and I still love it to death! As well as using it as a diary, it has space for my business cards, receipts and I’ve even managed to slide a pocket mirror in there – it’s so handy. Mine’s a pretty baby pink colour on the outside with green accenting and it’s faux leather as these ones are a lot cheaper and more durable than their leather ones. With Filofax you buy the page inserts to suit your needs and I always go for a diary layout with a week on two pages so I can see my entire week at a glance. I also like to buy pink diary pages because they’re just so damn pretty! Then I get plain lined pages in other colours to put in the back to differentiate my notes for my blog, my work, finances etc. I like to search on eBay for affordable Filofax inserts rather than getting them from Filofax or department stores as you can get a better deal.

Now for the fun extras! You might have seen this gorgeous gold and silver foil tape in my What I Got For Christmas video. I stumbled across it on the sale shelves at Boots of all places (fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop for girly accessories). You can pick up washi tape like this all over eBay and Etsy in all different colours and prints. I like to cut small strips, fold them and use them to make tabs along the top of my Filofax so that I can mark specific pages. They’re a lot prettier than the garish highlighter-coloured tabs you get from the stationery store. I also like to cut the tape into strips to separate sections on some days if I want to clearly separate the morning and afternoon for example.

This gorgeous crystal pen looks like the pricey Swarovski ones but it’s actually from Accessorize and only cost £5. It writes wonderfully smoothly and is the perfect size to fit in my planner so it’s the only pen I’ll use with it. Plus, since it’s not a bog standard biro, no one can ‘accidentally’ pinch it because it’s so distinctive. 

I decided that I wanted some stickers to perk up my planner and picked these up for £1 in Paperchase. They’re the foamy 3D type that I just want to bite into (does anyone else get that? Nope? Just me? ‘kay…). They have all different themed packs but I’m a foodie (shocker) so I went for this pack because it has cupcakes and doughnuts in it- ’nuff said. I use them randomly to emphasise something that I need to do or am looking forward to. For instance I’ll use the envelope sticker when there’s something I need to mail urgently or the maybe the lips sticker to mark date night. I’ve not decided what I’m going to to with the cactus sticker yet haha… use it to mark my next holiday maybe? They’re silly but they really do brighten up my day every time I open up my planner to tackle another task.

I hope that this post has given you some inspiration for making your planner a pretty pick-me-up in your day! If you have any pretty planner tips or know of any good places to get cute, affordable stationery please do let us know in the comments below!

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