DIY Ombre Fade Nails

Whether it’ll be Valentines Day or Galentines for you on Tuesday, this pretty ombre nail design is a lovely look. It may seem salon fresh but believe it or not this DIY mani is even easier and quicker than your usual plain old lick of polish because you don’t need to be neat or do the dreaded three coats. 

Click ‘read more’ for my fast step-by-step photo tutorial.

Step One: The trick to getting a good fade on this look is to use a cosmetic sponge to dab on the polish. Paint a small blob of polish onto the corner of a triangle cosmetic sponge (you can pick these up from Superdrug for a couple of pounds but honestly any clean sponge e.g. a small piece of kitchen sponge will do). 

Then dab the paint onto the tip of each nail. This look works for short nails too, you just dab about 1/3 of the way down the nail. 

Step Two: Once you have sponged all of your nails, go back in with the polish brush and repaint the very tips of your nails just to add some extra definition. Adding extra colour here will make the fade look more prominent. 

 Step Three: Now, without waiting for the first layer to dry (woohoo!), take a clear polish (I went for one with glitter in it) and starting from the tip down, paint over the first colour. It may seem more logical to paint from the cuticle up but the idea is that you actually want to slightly smudge the first colour as you paint. Painting from the tip down blends the sponged colour out really seamlessly and will make your ombre beautifully faded.

Et voila! A pretty salon fresh look in less time that it would take you to do a normal polish change. 

For more nail art inspo just search ‘nails’ in the search bar of my blog for other nail tutorials like these  DIY gold glitter tips I shared recently.

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