Dancefloor to Desk Reverse Styling

One of the most important aspects of dressing well on a budget is knowing how to work and rework pieces so that they can be subtly reintroduced to your social circle in a fresh way. 

In November I showed you how I’d style this beautiful lace overlay jumpsuit for an evening occasion. Now that the festive period is over and we’re stepping into spring, I need to transition some of my evening wear into the day time so that I can get more bang for my buck. In this post I’m showing you how to do just that with a few simple styling swaps.

Do you remember this playsuit from this Christmas dressing post? When worn with heels, an updo and some statement jewellery, it’s incredibly elegant but that’s not what we need from it today. I wanted to wear it to a meeting which meant something a little more conservative. 

Layering is a quick and simple way to make show less skin without having to give up on wearing your favourite dress or jumpsuit altogether. If all you need to do is cover you shoulders and arms, sticking a shirt underneath is a great way to look more demure whilst also adding a tailored edge to your look. If it’s a dress that you want to transition and it’s a little too short, think about adding a slip underneath to give it a cool double hem or it’s often easy to slip a pencil skirt, midi or maxi skirt over it and turn it into a top. This works well for a short playsuit too.

How you style your accessories when transitioning pieces is a big factor as well. If you’re dressing down, you may want to switch heels for flats. Fancy updos can become pretty plaits and swap statement jewellery for delicate pieces that suggest that you’re more of a wallflower than a power twerker – nobody needs to know that you were tearing up the dancefloor in the same jumpsuit just this past weekend! I’m joking of course, you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not but just consider the story your accessories tell. Bold red lips say ‘va va voom!’. Neutrals and nudes say ‘she probably answers her emails right away’. I personally like to put off my emails, a little spontaneity is good. It’s up to you the impression you want to make when styling outfit but just make sure it’s the right one for the situation!

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