DIY Gift Flower Box

It seems that the humble vase is no longer the number one way to present a beautiful bouquet. If our Instagram feeds are anything to go by, nowadays there is no superior way to present someone with their favourite florals than carefully arranged inside a fancy flower box.


Sadly for us, hat box arrangements tend to cost around £100 from the high-end florists they hail from but – fear not! With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I have a DIY version that costs less than your bog standard bunch from your local florist but looks like it actually costs a lot more. Here’s how to DIY.

First, select a nice gift box to present your flowers in. If you want the classic hat box look, keep your eye out for a round gift box from a card shop  – it doesn’t need to be an actual hat box as this will cost you an arm and a leg. I couldn’t find a round one so instead I went with this rose motif one from Clintons as it’s pretty, unique and quite fitting I’m sure you’ll agree.

Now, onto the flowers. You don’t need to break the bank by buying super expensive flowers to make a beautiful box like this one. Of course, if you want to spring for peonies go ahead but I find that Tesco do a really pretty selection of brightly coloured roses and mixed bouquets for £3-4 which is what I used. Just make sure that you buy enough bunches to fill out your box (which is why I say buy the box first!).


Once you have your box, line it first with a thick layer of tin foil folded up inside the box and then cover this with cotton pads. This allows you to keep your flowers watered without the water leaking through the bottom of the box as the flower stems will absorb the water from the cotton. You just need to keep the cotton damp enough that the flowers have something to absorb.

Measure the depth of your box and then cut the stems of all of your flowers to this exact length measuring the green part only. E.g. if your box is 10cm deep cut your flowers so each has a 10cm green stem on it. This should leave the buds of your flowers just peeking above the edge of your flower box.

Arrange your flowers to mix the selection how you want. If you are using different varieties and colours mix them evenly in your hand so that the final selection will be beautifully varied. If you’re using all the same flower you can skip this. Either way, stand your flowers up inside your box lining them up side by side. If you are doing a mixed bouquet, take care to remove the excess leaves from the pieces of stem that you have cut and arrange these within your bouquet. These filler leaves will result in a fuller, more vibrant-looking arrangement.

Finally, to finish off the luxe look of your flower box, add some ribbon any way you like. It tied mine up under the bottom of the box and left the bow in amongst the flowers to make it look extra pretty and girly.

What do you think? Not terrible for my first go and considering that I made this in literally ten minutes as I was in a huge rush to get over to my mum’s house at the time! I really want to find a round box to try it with so if/when I do I’ll probably to a part two to this post (if anyone knows any where that sells them please let us know!!).

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