DIY Poke Bowl for Under £5

If, like me, you’re a prize pinner then you’ll have seen the plethora of pretty poke bowls popping up all over the place. Never one for a simple sandwich, I knew that this was my kinda grub, so I set about creating an easy and affordable DIY version to share. 

Read on for an easy peasy poke bowl recipe that’ll leave your bank balance intact and your colleagues jade with envy (see what I did there? *insert obnoxious wink face emoji* no really, please read on). 

Despite its seemingly Asian ingredients, the poke bowl actually hails from Hawaii and is essentially a mix of fresh fish, rice and salad, much like a deconstructed sushi bowl – yum! ‘Poke’ meaning, ‘to section, slice or cut’ refers to the main ingredient which is traditionally Ahi tuna but, as the ambiguity in the name suggests, this can certainly be swapped for other ingredients like meat, veggies (betroot is a fave amongst veggies and vegans) or in my case, salmon!

As a base for my poke bowl, I like to start with these round salad leaf bowls from Tesco and then I add my favourite salad extras – for me that means creamy avocado. Now I’m no expert at cooking sushi rice (in fact I suck at cooking any type of rice) but I’ve found (accidentally, admittedly) that if you overcook rice (I like to go for brown boil in the bag rice) then it eventually becomes sticky like sushi rice. For an authentic sushi taste, I season my rice with a sprinkle of rice wine vinegar and sesame oil as it cooks – both can be found in the ‘World Foods’ aisle and are great pantry items to have if you like Asian food. About 40 mins usually does the job and once my rice is cooled, I just use an ice cream scoop to carve out rice balls and plop those into my bowl.

As for the fish, I like fresh smoked salmon in my poke bowls because a) it’s delicious and b) it’s a lot more readily available and affordable than the traditional sushi grade fish. Tesco do great snack packs of salmon with 6 slices for £1, so I like to rip up 2 slices and sprinkle them on my bowl for easy eating. I also like to add a runny poached egg for some extra protein and rich flavour and to me feeling fuller for longer. Finally, I garnish the whole thing with some soy sauce and a sprinkling of sesame seeds and my bowl is ready to pack! 

This is seriously so delicious and healthy because of all of the varieties of fresh ingredients in one dish. With all the different salad options to play with too, it’s really hard to get bored of a poke bowl. After a few days, I like to switch out my salmon for mackerel and add different kinds of beans and cherry plum tomatoes for a fresh take. My bowls average about £3 a bowl vs. £8.95 for an Ahi Poké bowl via Deliveroo – woah. If you’re feeling extra fancy, pack some chopsticks to add a boujee lift to an otherwise boring work day and enjoy!

Have you ever tried a poke bowl before? Do you have any suggestions for ingredients you would add to yours? If so, let us all know in the comments below because sharing is caring! <3.  

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