I’m With the Band…

The majority of us may have missed out on the Coachella sunshine but we can still give off festival vibes with this rock and roll trend. Apparently band tees are a thing now and I am fully on board. 

My teenage obsession with the Arctic Monkeys never took me quite so far as to purchase a t-shirt (though I do remember a certain fringed Spice Girls number – does that count?) so I’m rather glad that I’m now getting to join in. 

Always on the lookout for a top to flatter the flattest of chests, this cutout Missguided tee is right up my street because it’s sexy without being overtly so thanks to my humble chest. Having said that, I have seen it pulled off by girls with all different bust sizes – the key is just finding a bra you feel comfortable showing off. Lace is generally good for this as it’s not overly pushy-upy and therefore offsets the cut-out element well to avoid being too va va voom.

Since I shot this look, I’ve seen two different Made in Chelsea characters wearing this tee (one of them was that new b*tch Mimi but we’ll overlook that…). Say what you want about the Sloane Square crew but those gals have style so props to me.   

A really fun look for a weekend when you just want to hang out and have a few casual drinks with friends. It makes a welcome change from skinny jeans and Converse and is glam in a kinda ‘too hungover to give a damn’ kinda way. 

Tee Shirt: Missguided | Boots: Similar Here | Bag: Louis Vuitton (bought pre-loved) | Fishnet Tights: Missguided | Jacket: Similar here | Sunglasses: ASOS | Skirt: Similar here | Necklace: Lisa Taubes

Not one for the festival circuit (paying £300 to not shower for a long wet weekend? No thanks…), this is about as Rock N’ Roll as I get – Guitar Hero! Still, it’s fun to dress up and pretend every now and then. Who’s telling? 

Guitar Hero – about as Rock N’ Roll as I get! 

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