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When it comes to making life feel more luxurious, I find that it’s the simple, every day things like beautiful food presentation that make all the difference. Anticipating coming home from work to a restaurant-worthy meal, rather than something that resembles a dog’s dinner, just lifts my whole day and makes me feel almost as excited as when I’m going out to eat.

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Read on for simple food presentation tips that take just seconds to do and will transform your whole dining experience.

This doesn’t mean that you have to break out the Michelin star recipe book in order to enjoy your food. Even something as simple as fish and chips can look fabulous if you take thirty extra seconds to plate it appetisingly. I picked up these chip baskets from Poundland (they had mini chip buckets too) and I think that they’re so nice! Lots of restaurants opt to serve chips on the side in this way as it’s much more interesting than a pile of chips on your plate.

We eat with our eyes so the more exciting dimensions you can add to your plate, like height, the more appetising it will look. Therefore, instead of plonking veg on the side of you plate, try stacking it neatly instead. Less is more when if comes to restaurant-style presentation ideas too, so consider trimming your meat and fish into a neat shape so that everything fits on the plate nicely and you can appreciate each element of the dish.

Consider your actual food plate too. I like to serve shallow bowls on top of plates to add extra dimension and give a chic food presentation style. Square plates like these really affordable ones from Matalan also make nice food presentation look that much better as they’re different and interesting and remind me of those that you see in fancy restaurants.

A little food garnishing also goes a long way to make a dish look more gourmet. If I’m serving pasta, I’ll always finish with a sprinkle of parmesan, a pinch of cracked black pepper and a sprig of fresh herbs (or even simple salad leaves) to make the plate look more colourful and appealing. Again, garnishing food well doesn’t have to mean cooking something fancy. Enjoy ketchup with your dinner? Instead of just squidging a load on anywhere, place a dollop on the plate and then use the back of a spoon to swipe it across one side to make an attractive garnish.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to make your dinner a little more boujee going forward. If you have any great food ideas for presenting your dishes in a nice way, do share with us in the comments below!

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