The Power of Now

I’ve changed. It might be that the long bank holiday weekend has given me some time alone to think. It might be that I’ve just celebrated another birthday, an event which always leaves me feeling a little wistful and comparing my current position with where I was the year before. 

Whatever the catalyst, something has stirred in me and I can feel that big things are coming. Why else would I be writing this blog post at 5am to make my newly imposed 7am (every Mon & Fri) publish deadline? 

I’m running into May with a new attitude. I know what I want out of life and I’m finally ready to give it everything I have and I mean everything. To be honest, I’ve known for a long time what I want but I think, until now, I’ve been somewhat in denial about the level of commitment and consistency I’ve applied. Even every day life can be so draining and stressful what with keeping a job, maintaining social relationships and just general adulting. Until now, any amount of extra work I’ve done on top of that has felt like it should have paid off in a big way.

An hour here and there on my blog and social media. A day here or there making a YouTube video. Months spent running my online store, working through the night, going days without sleep then absolutely nothing for just a long because ‘life’ got in the way. I’d spend hours making elaborate and detailed content schedules only to fall behind by the second day. I’ve had To Do lists in my calendar which I have copied and paste from day to day for literally months because I never took them seriously enough to get to the bottom of them. Yes, it’s all hard work in itself but without consistency it doesn’t really mean anything.

There’s a reason why they call success an uphill struggle. If you stop pushing your load up the hill you will start to slide down again. It’s harsh but it’s true. That or other people will climb past you and get there first which can be equally as detrimental depending on what your goal is.

After years of trying to chase my dreams without any real sort of discipline, I’ve finally accepted that I need to approach my dreams with a whole new attitude. I’m ready to put in my all. To be my own boss, I need to actually be my own boss. That means holding myself fully accountable, no excuses. They say that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I actually think that’s bullsh*t. Having grown up with parents who own a small business and with a personal interest in entrepreneurship, I’ve never known of a single business person who hasn’t put blood, sweat and tears (lots of tears) into making their passion a reality. I’m under no illusion that it’s going to be all roses and laughter. I think it’s going to be a lot of sleepless nights followed by stressful days but if I stick with it, I’m certain that the sense of pride and relief I get from it will be more than worth it all.

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I also post a motivational quote a day on Twitter so follow me there for a daily dose of positivity! I’ll leave you with some of my favourite motivational quotes, you can find hundreds more here on my Words of Wisdom Pinterest board. I’ve not written who originally said them as that’s completely irrelevant since they really can apply to anyone. It’s the meaning behind them that’s important.

‘Beyonce wasn’t built in a day.’

‘Don’t wish for it, work for it.’

‘One day… Or day one?’

‘I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.’

and my personal favourite,

‘Opportunity is often missed because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.’

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