DIY Light Up Flower Crown

The sun in shining, it finally feels like summer is in full swing and festival season is just around the corner! As both a Snapchat and a Pinterest enthusiast, I couldn’t ignore the pull of the flower crown, so I decided to show you how to make your own light up version for festivals and fiestas this season.

Pretty, oh-so-summery and super selfie friendly! What better way to hide a summer bad hair day? Here’s how you can make one for under £10:

First you will need the following, I got everything apart from my local Poundland except for the headband which I picked up in Superdrug.


1. 1 Wide Headband

2. Faux flowers with leaves – You need about 15 flower buds to make 1 crown. 3 bunches was way more than enough for me!

3. All Purpose Glue – check it glues fabrics and plastics

4. Fairy Lights 

Pull off some leaves and cut the heads off the flowers, being careful to cut underneath the part where the petals are glued together or they will fall apart. Think about how you want your flowers to look from the front, I laid mine on their side pointing forwards. Glue the inside of the flower and let the glue soak through all layers of the flowers through to the headband, this will keep the flowers stuck together better too. I found that I had to hold each flower for about a minute before the glue became tacky enough that it was secure.

For the battery pack, take the lid off and glue flowers to it seperately then set it aside to dry. Then glue the battery pack base to the headband, taking care not to get glue on the metal or it may not work. Again, I found it best to hold the battery pack down for a minute until the glue had set. Keep the wire held out of way too so that you don’t get glue on it.

 Continue to glue flowers and leaves around the battery pack to camouflage it. Once you’re done, leave it to dry completely over night.

The next day, to conceal the wire wrap it carefully around the headband, hiding it under the leaves and the petals of the flowers. The plastic flower caps pop off of the LEDs on the lights I bought, so I took these off before I wound the lights and then put them back on afterwards. 

All done! 

It looks really pretty during the day and at night it’s stunning – plus it’s a great way to be spotted by your friends in a busy arena! I think it’d look really beautiful with hair worn down in long waves. I’m not going to any festivals this year (I don’t do camping) but I will definitely be wearing it to summer BBQ parties – All. The. Fun.

Thank you for reading! In between posts you can see what I’m up to on Instagram stories here @missjadefraser – Jade xx

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