Metallic Body Tattoos: The Summer Accessory You’re Missing

These gorgeous metallic hand tattoos are the summer accessory that you just may have overlooked and, never one to see an opportunity missed, I had to come on here to bring them to light again, I mean – HOW GORGEOUS ARE THEY?!?! Can you believe this one was only £2.50 and I still have some left. 

Body tattoos were first revived a few summers ago, delighting fellow 90s kids in the nostalgia of pressing a damp transfer sticker to our shoulder and peeling it away to reveal your new temporary ‘ink’. Fast forward 20 years and gone are the Chinese symbols and butterflies. Simple brown Henna tattoos of 2014? We’re way past that. The gold upper arm tat? That’s soooo 2016. Nope, in summer 2017 we’re offered ornate hand tattoos in many molten metallic shades that look like luxurious jewellery that has become one with your skin. From beautiful bohemian imagery to intricate tribal sketches and ornate art deco designs.  I, for one, am down.

I ordered my tattoo, the Arabian Nights design, from this eBay seller for just £2.50 a pack. They arrived quickly and are good quality, the transfer worked really well. You just peel off the plastic and hold the tattooed paper against your skin, pressing the back with a damp paper towel for one minute, then gently peel away. If you’re careful not to rub them against anything, they can last up to a few days – don’t worry you can of course still shower and wash your hands, just avoid using a scrubbing brush on the area!

Gold shades look exceptionally gorgeous on tanned and dark skin, a fact that I can revel in since the colour tattoos that I always wanted never look quite as good. That’s not to say that English roses can’t enjoy this trend too. Silver makes a really pretty, ethereal effect on lighter skin tones and rose gold is the perfect soft shade to gleam against light skin without washing it out. They also have black or multicolour tattoos with metallic accents in pinks, purples, blue and turquoise which really pop against light skin.

Another more subtle hand tattoo and the DIY Flower Crown and Glitter Tears Look from my last post and YouTube video.

I get so many compliments on these when I wear them. Everyone from shop assistants to fellow commuters. My mum has already asked me to order her some and even my dad said ‘Oh! You’re hand looks…nice”, and we all know how crap dads can be at noticing, much less complimenting, a fashion statement. I once had in blue contact lenses, BLUE (experimental teenage phase, don’t judge) and the man didn’t notice a thing. So coming from him this is the equivalent of a squeal of approval and a congratulatory social share, ‘Hey everyone, check out my daughter’s cool hand design thingy’. 

The best part is that the majority of people seem to assume that I, or some other incredibly talented and patient woman, sat for ages painstakingly painting this onto my hand. Little do they know that it actually takes seconds, literally seconds, to apply. Well, actually they do know because I always correct them, gleeful at the chance to a) share a great bargain buy and b) brag about my super duper shopping skills but up until them I have them all fooled. 

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