Morning Luxuries: My Pretty Makeup Setup

One of the ways that I like to make sure that my life feels that bit more luxurious every day is to inject even the smallest moment with an element of elegance. From waking up underneath nice bedding to using a rich, beautifully-scented shower cream to making sure that my makeup desk is pretty and pristine. 

For the longest time I had my makeup shoved here, there and everywhere around my flat. Foundations in baskets on the floor of my bedroom, eyeshadow palettes in drawers in the bathroom and lipsticks strewn in the pockets of various handbags. I wildly underestimated how much having a nice space to sit and do my makeup each morning, whilst sipping a coffee and watching the latest YouTube video in my sub box, would elevate my day. 

One morning, after a particularly stressful session of scouring my flat for my coveted concealer stick and smashing my favourite MAC eyeshadow (Amber Lights) in the process I said, ‘enough is enough’ and promised myself that I’d invest in a proper makeup setup. A few minutes, okay, hours of searching on Pinterest later (that place is a glorious black hole), I had settled on the look du jour; I wanted a nice acrylic stand that could hold everything efficiently whilst disappearing seamlessly into my current decór.

This one from Zaful is perfect. It holds everything that I use on a daily basis plus a few extras for when I’m feeling fancy. It’s also encouraged me to have a clear out because do I really need five different shades of foundation I experimented with as many years ago? Not so much. At under £20 it was a steal and they have loads of pretty acrylic pieces that you can mix and match. When I’m ready to build up a curated collection again, I plan on buying a couple of these drawers and perhaps this organiser to put cotton and extra brushes in.

I didn’t stop there. The pink and rose gold beauty blender holders are the answer to my prayers; I never know what to do with mine when it’s damp and these drying stands are the perfect chic solution. Since they came as a two pack I of course just had to order a second black beauty sponge as well. How much nicer is it that my old orange one? I also stumbled across these silicone makeup applicators which are fascinating! They’re so squidgy that I just want to play with them all day and they look like have a real flower set inside each one which is goooorgeous. I’m not sure how good they’ll be at applying makeup (I’ll let you know, if not on here then on Twitter) but I’m intrigued to try and either way they look so pretty I just like having them as part of my new display. 

The storage unit mentioned in this post were gifted to my by Zaful in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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