DIY Summer Drinks Done Right

I’m obsessed with this sunshine that we’ve been having in England. I know that it’s probably a product of global warming and thus a hideous sign that the world is ending, literally, but since it’s here I figure we might as well enjoy it eh? 

My favourite passtime at the moment is to play hostess and have people over for sunset drinks on our balcony. Why pay ten times the price to stand in a sweaty, packed bar when you can play mixologist in the comfort of your own space? I’d much rather invite people into my home and put the cash towards a new pair of shoes or holiday savings. 

Mixing impressive drinks yourself doesn’t have to be rocket science at all. Just add cucumber mint and lime to spruce up your G&T and use the leftovers to make some tasty mojitos. If you’re just not confident with spirits, you can always fresh mint or berries into ice cubes for a cool addition and wine spritzers are not only very affordable but they even sound fancy when you invite your friends over for a cooling beverage. 

We’re lucky enough to have sliding doors that open a whole wall, transforming the kitchen diner of our one bedroom flat into a great summer indoor / outdoor space. If you don’t have a garden, balcony or large window to hang out of with guest though when it’s warm why not gather your wares and head to the park for a drink in the sunshine? The minimum you need is a blanket, a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses and if you’re feeling peckish, plan dinner al fresco and try these posh picnic dishes I posted about last summer.  

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