Why We Should All Be Buying Supermarket Flowers

Few things bring me such simple joy as fresh flowers around my home. I recently decluttered my bedside table and moved away the empty perfume bottles, abandoned books (I never get into bed with enough energy left to read) and excess electricals and replaced them with something far nicer to wake up to – a beautiful bouquet of white roses. The best thing about them? They cost just £3.50.

 I’ve long been a fan of supermarket flowers so it was only a matter of time I dedicated a post to them. I showed you how they can make a lovely gift for someone but with beautiful bouquets starting at just £3 at Tesco – why not treat yourself every week? These ones are £3.50 a bunch from M&S and if you take advantage of M&S’s 2 for £6 deal too, you can have one really expensive looking mega bouquet or several bouquets dotted around your home for a some really uplifting ambience.

I’m definitely going to make this a weekly thing now. When I think that for the price of a third glass of Pinot on a Friday night I could instead wake up to fresh flowers every day of the week it’s a no-brainer. I save myself the sore head and empty calories and instead I get an instant mood boost every time I walk into a room. Here are my tips to get them to look less like supermarket flowers and even more expensive bespoke bouquet;

1. Stick to one to two colours – I find that when I pick a boquet with fewer colours, they tend to look more expensive as it’s typically very chic and reminiscent of the luxury flower boxes that cost the earth. This way the blooms also tend to blend into one and it makes the bunch look fuller as it’s harder to count the individual flower heads (budget supermarket bouquets are generally smaller).

2. Invest in a nice vase. An elegant vase will elevate your bouquet so much more in the same way that a cheap one will make them look less impressive. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this at all, just think about the type of aesthetic you want and pick something that matched your decor well. I used an ugly random water jug I had for years until I saw some elegant straight vases on Pinterest and realised that I had jars that would do the trick much more nicely. As you can see a wine bottle makes a fun quirky touch – generally long, slim vases look beautiful but think outside the box if you need to!

3. I’ve noticed that many professional florists tend to trim bouquets so that they make a nice, rounded ball shape when they’re in the vase. This means trimming the stems on the outside of the bouquet a little shorts than the innermost ones so that they make a nice ball of blooms. Try it – it’s not as hard as you think! Failing that, a good mix of lengths with lots of folliage (the leafy bits) left in always looks charming.

3. Make sure to follow the instructions that come with the flowers in terms of how to trim them and when to feed them. It sounds kind of obvious but it’s easy to forget (trust me, I nearly did it with these even though I knew I was shooting them) and brown, wilted flowers don’t look very luxe at all! If you need to, set an alert on your phone to remind you when to change the water etc.

If you love flowers I hope that this has given you an incentive to buy them a little more often and even if you’re not a fan yourself – perhaps you know someone who deserves a treat!

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