A Weekend in Paris – Travel Vlog | YouTube

You may remember that I went to Paris recently and so I thought that it’d be jolly decent of me to share a Paris travel vlog from my trip with you. As we were there visiting George’s friend, I kind of tried to film as unobtrusively as I could so there perhaps aren’t quite as many artistic shots as I would have liked to capture but, hey, it’s just an excuse to go back right?

We stayed more on the outskirts of Paris than we did last time which was cool as it meant that we discovered some really beautiful spots that we never would have if we’d stayed in the normal touristy areas. It’s always worth going off the beaten track whilst travelling, that’s where all the best deals are too! I’m planning on doing another blog post about this weekend in photos but in the meantime in case you missed my other paris posts you can find them all here – there’s quite a few!

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