I See ‘Opportunities’ Over ‘Obligations’

So far autumn has been an extremely busy period for me and I’m not going to lie, I’ve been finding it pretty tough to cope. Being a perfectionist, I tend to spend too long on tasks as it is never mind at a time like this when I’m even more stretched for time. Once upon a time I would have felt very sorry for myself that I have so much to juggle at the moment. I would have felt incredibly stressed out and held down by the weight of all my current responsibilities. Of all the people who are counting on me to get things done, myself included.

I realised though that however I look at it, whichever way I cut it, I have to get shit done. Simple as. Whether I decide to feel sad, frustrated or anxious from the pressure, I have to rise to it because it’s what I signed up for. Sitting down and really accepting this fact, I realised that I had two choices. I could push through this period feeling harassed, dejected and overwhelmed or I could approach it pragmatically and positively and draw from the experience. I decided to choose the latter. 

At the end of the day none of the tasks I have on my plate are for funsies, all of them have a purpose. Whether it’s to earn myself money, further my career long term, help someone else out or take care of a legal obligation (e.g. file my taxes) there is a positive outcome for each thing on my ‘To Do’ list, even if it is just to avoid prison haha. I recognised that it’s much smarter to focus on the reason I am doing each thing rather than how tired or frustrated doing the task will make me, after all that’s just one small part of it. Do I want to be writing a client report at 2am? No. Is it going to show them the benefit of all the work I’ve been doing for them this month so they will hire me again and I can afford to live? Yes. Well, I’d better get on with it then. I have this thing for food and shelter you see… 

All of the things I do are to improve my life in some way. When I get really busy I cut my To Do list down to the bare essentials and then I just get on with it. No crying, no whining. What’s the point? All it will do is waste time and then I’ll still have to do the things anyway. This is definitely an ethos I got watching my parents who are the strongest people I know. They’ve been working eighteen hour days, seven days a week for the last few months because they’ve had to relocate their business but rather than complain they just plod on because they have no choice. They didn’t chose to move – their building is being demolished but rather than be bitter about it they have an unrelenting ‘can do’ attitude because they can’t afford to not ‘do’. 

Learning from them, I realised that I need to do the same. Instead of thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that I have to get up at 5am to finish editing my YouTube video’ I now think, ‘I’m actually excited to stick to my upload schedule so my subscribers are pleased with me’. When you focus on the positive outcome it’s a lot easier to push yourself to be better because you are focusing on the real reason you are doing the tasks you set yourself.

The same applies to anything that will benefit you that don’t love doing really, it doesn’t just have to be when you’re stressed out. Instead of thinking ‘I hate running, I HATE running!’ during your morning 5K, try thinking ‘I really love being healthy, I really love being in shape!’ instead. Trust me, it works. The same for work obligations. If your boss gives you a crappy task to do, by all means argue with them if it’s out of line but if not then you kind of just have to get on with it. In that situation instead of thinking, ‘well this is wildy unfair’ (or something more expletive) try thinking, ‘I’m grateful that I get this opportunity to show what I can do’ and remember that they owe you big when the time for a pay rise comes along! 

I won’t go to bed tonight, I haven’t the time but whereas I once would have felt incredibly sorry for myself in this situation I’m choosing to see the positives and focus on the fact that I’ll be able to catch up on all my work which is why I’m staying up. If I can catch up on everything this week, I can go to the dinner and drinks I have planned on Friday and if that isn’t something positive to work towards, I don’t know what is!

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