Why We Should All Embrace Christmas Early

There used to be a time when hearing the ‘C’ word outside of December would make me cringe. Any mention of gift guides, home decorations or those annoying ‘book your Christmas meal with us now!’ notices in restaurants would fill me with rage. In fact, the only time that I could stand to think about Christmas before Christmas was at the A/W press days in the summer (because getting excited about winter fashion is always a win). 

This year is different though. This year, in the spirit of being more positive which I wrote about in last week’s post, I’ve decided to embrace the festive season with both arms, welcoming it towards me with a fervour like never before.  

Now that the summer is well and truly over, the nights are drawing rapidly inwards and everything feels so much more ‘meh’, I’ve realised that I have two choices. I can either hide under my duvet waiting miserably for that small window of warmth and happiness in December that leaves as soon as it arrives, or I could spread that joy across the whole of autumn and winter and enjoy the festive feels for much, much longer. I chose the latter.

Slowly, but surely I’m allowing Christmas to enter into my life, one sparkle at a time. I’ve started collection little decorations. Nothing gaudy but just some elegant little trinkets that will fit seamlessly into my decor. You may have caught a few in Wednesday’s YouTube video which was a decor haul of beautiful pieces I’ve picked up lately at great prices (not all Christmas related, fear not). Tomorrow I’m going to a cosy winter themed rooftop bar where I’ll indulge in my first mulled wine of the season (I checked the wine list already, yes they have it) and on Sunday I’m going to buy some Bourneville cocoa powder so the evening hot chocolates can commence (seriously try it, as a former barista I can assure you it’s one hundred times better than Cadbury’s standard hot chocolate powder, just remember to add sugar).

I’ve swapped my usual bouquet for some festive foliage.

 I’m not going to go mad though. I’ll save the eggnog and Baileys for December to save my waistline if nothing else. I also absolutely refuse to listen to any Christmas songs until at least the week before the big day – working in retail through uni and listening to the same Christmas CD on repeat for eight hours a day will instil a loathing for Britney Spears’ ‘Santa, Can You Hear Me?’ that will never, ever go away. 

Swill a few drops of water around the bottom of a washed wine bottle and pour in some glitter for a DIY festive vase (fill with water for fresh flowers).

Embracing Christmas early has its practical benefits too. Now that I’m actually thinking about Christmas I have, for the first time in my adult life, begun my Christmas shopping before the week of Christmas itself thus avoiding the usual mix of frustration, self-loathing and dread as I attempt to buy my entire family gifts on Next Day Delivery with a budget of exactly nothing. Instead I’ve slowly began accumulating presents in a little pile with though and consideration meaning some beautiful luxury buys that I think will be well received – go me.

Can you spy my snowflake stickers? – They were from Poundland! Trim the edges for a flush, barely-there look. 

Another practicality is of course blog and YouTube content. Again, being in the Christmas mindset means that I am actually planning well ahead for a change. All of those brilliant post ideas for luxury DIYs that I’ve had for years but never got around to in time to share will finally find their way onto my blog and YouTube channel this year. Finally.

Honestly, if you were anything like me and used to feel that the appropriate reaction for overexcited friends’ mid year Christmas countdowns was a swift Facebook unfriending, I beg you to reconsider. Think about how nice it is to take the opportunity to spread what is essentially one day of cheer to span a few months and use the positivity to your advantage. Maybe you’re not into Christmas as such but there are lots of benefits to this time of year. Create a nice hygge atmosphere at home and snuggle up under blankets with heart-warming Netflix films – Stranger Things 2 came out today by the way (SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!!!) Take longer baths, buy extra snuggly clothes and indulge in all your favourite foods, safe in the knowledge that a chunky knit hides all manner of sins. Whatever you’re up to this season, we could all do with an extra boost in this cold and dark time of year so use it as a reason to look after yourself that little bit extra and spread the festive cheer to a friend while you’re at it. Ho ho ho.

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