Manolo Blahnik ‘Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Shoe’ Dupes

What better way to introduce a touch of sparkle and colour into these dull winter days than with some beautiful, bright, twinkly heels? When I casually strolled past these wonders on the high street recently my heart and my feet stopped. The colour, the satin, the sparkle! These had to be Manolos right? But no – who’d ever have guessed that they cost under £50. 

When I first spotted these in TK Maxx I thought for sure that they were Manolo Blahniks. It’s not unheard of to find high end designer pieces in there – I’ve even seen Louboutin’s on the website (sadly not in my size). These beautiful, royal blue, jewelled, satin pumps are almost identical to the famous Manolo Blahnik Hangisi, ‘Sex and the City wedding shoes’ which Big prosed to Carrie with in the first movie. Dreamy.

The blue ones seem to be sold out online unfortunately but you they have so many pairs in my store so check out your local TK Maxx!

As I turned them over to see the price sticker, I held my breath – even with a hefty TK Maxx discount, there was no way that Manolos would be in my price range. But wait! What’s this? £40? That can’t be right!? It must be a misprint. There’s a zero missing somewhere – but no. As I turned the shoes back around I realised that the name inscribed in golden font across the sole was none other than one of my favourite labels – Carvela by Kurt Geiger.

Glitzy enough for the Christmas period and colourful enough for summer soirées, these heavenly heels will see you right through the festive period and into next summer’s weddings. A little peruse on the TK Maxx website shows me that they have them in black too so you can have a pair that go with pretty much any outfit. What’s more, they even have a flat version

Pink Embellished Carvela Court Shoes here

The original shoes from the Sex and The City movie cost around $525 but once the film was released, the naughty folks at Manolo almost doubled the price after demand for the shoes skyrocketed. Cheeky. It’s moves like this – pricing satin shoes at $525 in the first place and then doubling the price –  that make me feel comfortable buying high street pieces that are clearly inspired by high end designers. 

I was in such a rush the day I saw these and the shop was closing so I just grabbed the nearest sizes so I could shoot and share them with you here on my blog! <3

If these brands didn’t purposely price out the average Joanna and make up insane prices based on the ‘prestige’ of your brand alone, then there wouldn’t be a gap for affordable brands to fill. Sarah Jessica Parker herself even created dupes of the SATC shoes for her own shoe line, though at around $500 they were just as elusive as the Manolo Hangisis. What’s your take on designer dupes? The way I see it, now we can all indulge our inner Carrie Bradshaw and that, my friends, can only be a good thing. 

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