Do You Dress For Your Mood? | Outfit

I have a confession. I suffer from multiple personalities… One day I want to be the princess of prep. The next, I’m the epitome of edgy in my own head. On my most superb of styling days though, I want to be a bit of both and that’s when I think that the real magic happens. 

 Style is supposed to be unique so what better way to express yourself than to let your outfit speak of all of the moods in your head, not just one? Because, really, how often do we only feel one emotion? When was the last time that you were nothing but elated? Or feeling whimsical without any single sense of responsibility lurking there in the background?

On this particular day, I had a lot of work to get done during the daytime but I also had plans to meet my friends for dinner and drinks which is one of favourite things to do. I felt focused – hence the top bun and also a little bit chic because I’d actually bought some new clothes I liked and had made an effort to get up early that day and properly style my outfit – versus my usual weekday tactic of picking up the first black top and black bottoms I find on my floordrobe. You may recognise these bardot top and dungarees from my ASOS haul I put on my YouTube channel a recently. I think that the mix of uber girly top and androgynous bottoms is fun and not something that you’re likely to see on everyone.

Above all though, on this day I just wanted to be really comfortable – and warm! These dungarees – or ‘overalls’ to my international readers – are oh so warm. It’s just as well because I must admit that the weather in England has taken a turn since I shot this and you have to be pretty brave to bare any skin now – even just shoulder skin. Luckily, I like to keep my leather jacket to hand for times like these, even if it is just slung over my shoulders haphazardly like here – a breeze shield is a breeze shield!

Bardot Top: ASOS | Dungarees: ASOS | Shoes: Public Desire | Bag: H&M | Necklace: H&M |  Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Faux Leather Jacket: New Look

So with denim to feel cosy and warm, paired with my heels, some jewellery and a high bun, I felt super comfortable yet stylish without being overdone. Are they any styles that you love to mix and match? Girly skirts and biker boots for example? Or, perhaps you’re a guy who loves to pair up a tailored coat with your trusty trainers? If so, let us all know your favourite look in the comments section, it’s always fun to read about individual’s style.

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