My Luxury Tearoom Hot Chocolate Recipe | YouTube

What better comfort on a cold, winter’s night than the hug in a mug itself – the hot chocolate. We’re not talking about your bog standard hot chocolate though. Not that watery instant rubbish or even the super milky kind that your grandma used to make you. 

This is the real deal. Thick, syrupy, French-style chocolate sauce poured into frothy, creamy milk for a silky texture and a real cocoa flavour that packs a punch. Chocolate lovers beware – this one’s addictive…

It’s a little-known fact that I am in fact a trained coffee barista. As such, with many years of expertly, and somewhat painstakingly, perfecting hot chocolates under my belt (honestly, this coffee chain took their drinks-making very seriously – there were exams and everything) it’s safe to say that I know a good hot chocolate. 

Since ’tis the season for sharing and all, I thought it only right that I share with you, my readers, my absolute favourite hot chocolate recipe (I have a few you see). This one is served in that ever-so-fancy style, often seen in luxury tearooms, where you allow the diner to pour the chocolate sauce into the milk themselves. My favourite element of the recipe. How one can really appreciate the richness of the dark, glossy chocolate sauce as it cascades into the light, frothy cream and the the two blend together to form the drink of dreams. Best of all, it’s super easy to make. Click here to watch my simple 3 minute ‘How To’ YouTube video and try it for yourself!

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