A Burberry Scarf for Under £100?!

I’ve been lusting after a beautiful, chequered Burberry scarf for as long as I can remember yet never quite felt like blowing £500 on one..

jade mercedes fraser in burberry style scarf

Lucky for me around Christmas time, I managed to snap this one up for a ridiculous price (you might have seen it in my haul video) and of course I just had to share it with you all.


There I was, casually strolling around House of Fraser having a browse with my mum when my eyes landed on a whole rack of Burberry scarves in all of the familiar colours, tan, black, grey, blue… Who knew they sold Burberry in House of Fraser? And for… £25? What?! But wait, these aren’t actually Burberry scarves but from Linea, a different line sold in House of Fraser – but doesn’t it look just like Burberry?

Jade Mercedes Fraser outfit of the day


Linea Burberry Style scarf close up

At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about purchasing a piece that was so clearly inspired by another fashion house but the fact is that this isn’t pretending it is a Burberry scarf. It’s clearly labelled with Linea. The truth is that it’s simply as heavily inspired as most of the other beautiful fashions that we see on the high street. Pointy, patent, Pigalle-esque court shoes from Aldo, tweed Zara blazers with metallic threads woven through them and even structured Michael Kors handbags all in fact influenced by premium designer pieces, two, twenty and sometimes two hundred times the price – Chanel classic flap anyone?

UGG Boots With Bow Detail on the Back

On the one hand, with fashion design considered a form of art – it sucks for the designers that their creations are constantly being imitated without the majority of consumers even realising who they really owe their shiny new outfit to. On the other, it’s hard to feel bad for people who chose to design for fashion houses which mark their products up by up to 100 times the raw value of them and purposely out-price the majority of the people so that most could never even dream of owning a luxury scarf… Don’t get me wrong. I work in marketing. I also run multiple businesses. I totally get it. Props to them. Get that money honey. I think. Just don’t expect me to shed a tear for them as I run to Linea and buy up all of the scarves which I can afford. They didn’t want my money anyway, right?

Jade Mercedes Fraser Sipping Starbucks


Jade Mercedes Fraser Makeup Close


What’s your take on ‘inspired’ fashion – are you a ‘Yay’ or a ‘No way!’? Before you answer though, take a look through your wardrobe and consider whether every single piece is a definitely a completely original design created by the store who sold it… Hmm, food for thought!

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