How To: Luxury Look Lingerie for Under £10

On days when I’m feeling like the world is caving in on my head (and those are more frequent than I’d like to admit), there are a few things that always help me to feel more ‘put together’ and knowing that I’m wearing gorgeous, matching underwear is definitely one. 

Since I don’t have the budget to frequent Victoria’s Secret, I’ve worked out my own secret to nailing how to buy luxury-look lingerie that costs less than a good cocktail. Here’s how:

The big secret? Buy everything in one colour, that way you can mix and match your underwear when you’re in a rush and it’ll still look like an expensive set. Pretty much all of my underwear is black now and I find it always looks chic. If you’re someone who finds that you need ‘nude’ underwear to go under sheer pieces, stick to pieces in the same exact shade and only ever wash with like colours to avoid that grey, dingy look that appears over time.

In terms of materials, opt for lace overlay pieces as this adds intricate details which will make your pieces look more luxurious. Throw in a few practical pieces too in smoother finishes – a smooth multiway t-shirt bra is a must for me to wear under fitted tops.

My favourite shop for underwear is TK Maxx as they offer a wide range of brands at great prices, all of the ones pictured here were under £15. I only buy from stores which sell bras and pants separately so that I can be sure to get the correct sizes for my pear-shaped frame – dress size sets never work for me. What bra size is a size 10 woman ‘supposed‘ to be anyway? I’ve also found some cute lace bras in H&M in the past and ASOS offer a great range of pieces which you can see on the model to assess the fit.

I hope that this inspired you to give your underwear drawer a bit of a revamp. Now go, rifle through your collection and throw out those worn out, old, polka dot pants with the teeny hole and the stretched waistband – you deserve better than that!

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