Sunday & I Boutique Infinity Roses from just £49

It’s with great pleasure that I can finally tell you about what I’ve been working on for a while now, my new Infinity Rose collection on my new online boutique Sunday & I This is just a sort of introductory post for the boutique to show you my first collection. I’ve started a post writing in detail about what else the boutique will bring but I want to wait until I’ve added more pieces to post that so that you can get a proper feel for the brand.



For now, I’m just super excited to show you the first collection that I’m featuring in the Sunday & I boutique – my infinity rose bouquets. Often referred to as ‘forever roses’, you’ve probably stumbled across these on Instagram at some point. They are real, yes real roses which have been professionally preserved so that they remain looking and feeling fresh for up to 2 years, often longer. You can here YouTuber Tiffany D talk about hers here. They’re often pictured in huge hatboxes with instagram models posing with them haha. These ones are the exact same thing but much more affordable, starting at just £49, because I’m not a greedy mega brand.



When I first heard about forever roses I was in awe of what a great idea it is. After Googling them however, I was really disappointed at the prices of them online with bouquets from most brands running into the several hundreds making then unattainable for most normal humans – cue smug instagram models. I did some digging though and realised that they just don’t have to cost that much so, after sending some emails, I made an order with a leading supplier in the industry and put together these hand-crafted boxed bouquets which are a fraction of the price of the mass produced ones currently on the market. These boxes are beautiful, unique and affordable – my kind of thing. The Sunday & I bouquets start at just £49. You can shop the full collection on the boutique

I’ll be adding a lot more other pieces to the boutique over the next few weeks but I doubt I’ll be adding to the stock of roses as it was a lot of work so once they’re gone, they’re gone! Have a look and I’d be so grateful if you spread the word and share the boutique with your friends too, I know so many women would appreciate beautiful bouquets like these! Thank you for all of your support on Instagram already, you’re all so sweet! <3 I’ll let you know as and when I add things to the boutique and I’ll be back on here tomorrow with a fashion post.

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