Introducing: Rich Little Poor Girl

It is with GREAT pleasure that I can finally announce the launch of my *all new* blog, Rich Little Poor Girl. Just like before, I’ll be bringing you chic fashion looks and beautiful lifestyle inspiration at a fraction of what you’d expect them to cost. In short, this blog is all about sharing the secrets of ‘how to live a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget’ because, budget or not, we all love to have nice things.

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Rich Little Poor Girl is for anyone who loves to indulge in the ‘finer things’ in life. Here you’ll find news of little-known deals, steals and life hacks on beautiful fashion, gourmet food, exciting ‘experiences’, top travel, deluxe decor and everything in between. Whether you just want to feel a little boujie, or you want to treat someone special but don’t have much to spend, this is where you can come for ideas to make your pennies go that much further.

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The essence of my blog is exactly the same as when it was called ‘Jade With Envy’, we’ve just had a revamp and a facelift. I’ve added exciting new elements like the new ‘shop page‘ so that you can now browse through everything I’m loving at a glance and buy at the click of a button. I’ll be posting much more regularly than I was before – every single Monday and Friday with a few bonus posts too! I’ll also be collaborating with industry experts to bring you tips and tricks on how to save money on luxury from industry insiders. I’ve already lined up and scheduled tonnes of cool new features I’ll be rolling out over the next few weeks – eek! I really, really can’t wait!!

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I changed the blog name as I felt like, while Jade With Envy was a fun play on words, I didn’t want to linger any more on the envy I used to feel over people who could afford expensive things. That which inspired me to start blogging in the first place. Over the years, through my blog, I’ve really developed my skills of finding the best fashions, scoping out secret sales and digging up discounts and deals on designer items. I am the Rich Little Poor Girl, going above and beyond to live a fabulous, champagne lifestyle despite my budget. I want to share my tips and empower other people to rise above your circumstances and live life to the full. I feel like that’s a pretty positive message so I needed a new blog name to reflect that hence Phase Two in my blogging journey – Rich Little Poor Girl. If you’re interested to know more about my blogging journey up until now, I’d like to invite you to read about just what sparked my passion here on my ‘about’ page.

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I’ve also started over again on YouTube with a new channel, also called Rich Little Poor Girl, as I want everything to flow and match and, honestly, I became a little jaded (no pun intended) by my old channel after so many years. I started it for fun just after I left school, back before I even realised that blogging was a thing! Fast forward eight years and over one hundred random videos later and I’ve really honed in on what I want to share videos about. I can’t say I’ll never go back to my old channel as I’m really fond and proud of the content I created there over the years. For now though, this new channel is going to be really streamlined and fully focused on my luxury for less ethos, acting as an extension of what you’ll read here. I’ll post to the new channel every Tuesday and Saturday. 

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For those who are into the geekier side of blogging, I’ve now switched to the WordPress platform – woop woop! This means not only does my blog look nicer but it also does lots of zippy, cool things behind the scenes which means I’ll be able to create cooler content, more frequently. The migration and facelift were courtesy of Pipdig (who else?!) and I honestly can’t sing their praises enough. It was done within a few days and so far, so good! I’ve purchased themes from them before and never had an issue, Phil is a babe and always happy to troubleshoot. It’s taken me a little longer than I planned to finish customising the added extras, tweaking colours, pages etc. to my taste so I’m SO sorry for the break in posts but I just wanted to get it right for you all before the big launch and I’m pretty sure that we’re there now.

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Of course, when I’m not on here or on my YouTube channel (and often even when I am) I’ll be on social media errrh’ day. I basically use Instagram Stories to daily vlog the little things I do each day to feel more luxurious. On Twitter, I share new uploads, discount codes and sales and Pinterest is where I post all the affordable luxury things I’m lusting over so you can shop them. Facebook I like to use to share funny, relatable content like memes and all the ugly outtake shots from my blog posts and YouTube videos that don’t make it elsewhere! I’ll also be doing one weekly email rounding up the best deals of the week so be sure to sign up to that once it goes live so you’re in the know!

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Wow 927 words in… can you tell I’m excited about this?! Have a browse and please do let me know what you think of my new blog in the comments section below. Is there anything in particular that you’d like to see on here? I’d LOVE to know!