Easy Luxury Chocolate Truffle Recipe – Father’s Day Gift Idea

In this easy chocolate truffle video I show you just how I made these beautiful chocolates which make a great last minute father’s day gift idea. It’s the age old question. How on earth do you show someone how they special they are to you when you’re really low on funds? The answer; you pour yourself into making something handmade, personalised, incredibly delicious and beautifully presented.

fathers day gift idea

These Luxury DIY Chocolate Truffles are really easy and fun to make (trust me I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise!) and what’s more, you can tailor them to the favourite flavours of your giftee. Rather than write about it, I thought I’d show you how easy they are with a short step-by-step video tutorial. Click here to watch the it in HD on my new YouTube channel.

easy chocolate truffle videoI actually made these for my grandparents at Christmas – Baileys flavour filling for Grandma Dorothy and brandy filling for Grandma Janet and they loved them. In fact, I didn’t realise that they actually thought I’d bought them until my mum spoke to them a few days later and said ‘How did you like the chocolates Jade made?’, which was met by a chorus of, ‘WHAT?! She MADE them?!’. Haha clearly I didn’t make that clear enough… So, if they’re good enough to fool the gramps into thinking they’re professional, I’d say that’s success.

I hope my easy chocolate truffle video has given you another option for you last minute father’s day gift ideas this year. I think I’ll be doing some more baking this weekend for the big day (it’s also my dad’s birthday on 17th June – fun times) so follow me on Instagram stories for more ideas and general luxury for less tips and life hacks!

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