3 Ways to Find a Self Portrait Azaelea Dress Dupe for Under £100 

Love the Self Portrait Azaelea Dress but short a few hundred pounds? Don’t worry, in today’s post I’m sharing how and where I’ve found this beautiful Self Portrait Azaelea Dress dupe and where you can get more just like it for under £100. You’d really never guess that they weren’t designer!

self portrait azaelea dress dupe

Skip to the steps at the bottom if you want but first I just wanted to rant a bit because I feel like most of you will relate…

It’s the same old story. I love watching outfit videos on YouTube and as the summer invitations come rolling in, I find them a really great source of styling inspiration. You can imagine my disappointment though when I settle down to see what my favourite OG YouTubers are wearing to their events and sit through and entire ‘Follow Me To…’ video only to learn at the very end that the beautiful dress I’ve been ogling for 14 mins 28 seconds costs more than my car. Lol, no. I shan’t be following suit. No sale from me.

jade fraser in self portrait azalea dress dupe
ASOS Lace Cami Midi Prom Dress. I’m 5’6″ and actually wearing the ‘Tall‘ version only because they had sold out of my size in the Regular though it keeps coming back into stock here so do check. I actually prefer how this one is longer but both are beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it truly is fabulous that these women can now afford to buy such things and I won’t for a second pretend that if I were a rich YouTuber I wouldn’t buy the same. However, it does make me laugh when they mention it in such a casual ‘so you can buy it too!’ way as if they don’t know that 99% of their audience could never and would never spend that much on a dress they’ll pull out maybe 3 times in a year. For the ones who have always been exclusively luxury bloggers it’s like, ‘OK, fair enough, what did I expect… eyeroll’ but as for the others…

This right here was my very inspiration for starting this blog in the first place. I want to always share affordable luxury fashion. Pieces that make you feel beautiful without plunging you into debt. Pieces which are stunning and well-crafted to last without demanding a 1000% markup in return. So, this summer, after longing for the Self Portrait Azaelea Dress only to realise it’s £200-£400, I gave up on desperately googling ‘Self Portrait Dress Sale’ and instead set out to find Self Portrait style dresses for under £100. Ones that look just like the dresses I’d been ogling and that are of just as great craftsmanship but without the sell-a-kidney price tag. I’m so excited to share these with you because I know I’ve nailed it and I have the anecdote to prove it but this intro is already way too long so to hear it just watch tomorrow’s YouTube video (featuring more dresses for under £100 just like this Self Portrait Azalea dress dupe). Anyway, onto the tips…


Where To Shop
So, this gorgeous mink gown is from none other than ASOS. Unsurprising as their selection is second to none BUT before you zip off to browse, we all know that sifting through page upon page of literally hundreds of dresses is a huge headache so read on to see exactly what to look for.

First, What Not to Look For
These are thing you can untick in the side bar to whittle down your choices. One thing that Self Portrait is known for is their intricate laser cut designs. These is where beautiful patterns are cut into the fabric overlay of the dress, often with unlined panels on the waist, chest, legs and/or and arms for a tasteful show of skin. This means that their designs like the Self Portrait Azaelea dress are well-lined in the body so that you’re not accidentally flashing anyone, so avoid simple dresses with one straight pieces of fabric and instead look for layers. Their designs are more flirty and feminine than skimpy and sexy so avoid anything tight-fitted or body con for an authentic look.

Details, Details, Details…
Self Portrait dresses are all about the details and often come in single pretty pastel shades or dark hues which let the tactile texture do the talking. As well as the laser cut, look for dresses with a mixture of lace or floral prints, subtle peplums and 3D appliqué. Floaty materials layered over nude lining for their printed pieces and thicker, weighty fabric over light lining for their laser cut dresses so that they fall beautifully and don’t crease up are key elements. They’re all about romantic femininity and volume too, so girly details on dresses like frilly hems and layered skirts all scream Self Portrait.

affordable luxury self portrait azalea dress dupe for under £100

As I mentioned, in tomorrow’s Tuesday YouTube video I’ll be showing more Self Portrait style dresses for under £100 like this and going into more detail on what to look for so perhaps subscribe to my channel so that you don’t forget to watch it!

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