Break Your Summer Occasion Style Rut

Do you always feel like you show up to special occasions wearing the same old type of thing? Fear not! This post features three key ways to break out of your summer styling rut and we’re even using science to suggest summer occasion outfit ideas to suit you – ooooh!

summer occasion outfit ideas

1. Find Which Colour Suits You
I recommend using this colour chart to work out which colour best suit your skin tone. Generally speaking, fair skin and eyes are complimented by cooler tones which make light hair and eyes stand out, whereas warm tones really pop on tan to dark skin tones without washing them out. I find it really helps to keep me focused when I’m shopping for summer occasion outfits on sites like ASOS which have so many options. Once you have at least one criterion to go on, it makes whittling down choices when you’re shopping much easier as you have something to focus on finding e.g ‘okay, so I’m looking for a red dress’.

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prom dress under £100

2. Look For New Styling Inspiration
Back in the day, magazines were where we’d go to get inspiration on what to wear but as they’ve died a slow death, fashion influencers *cough cough* are the new way to shop what you see. To make it easier, I like to keep my Pinterest boards categorised into different looks and whenever I see anyone online with a cool dress sense, I’ll make sure to save the image as a pin for next time I’m shopping. Here on Rich Little Poor Girl and on most other blogs, you can just hover over the images and the Pinterest ‘P’ will come up meaning ‘click to pin’ – handy eh? Try it out and pinch a few of my pins while you’re at it.

self portrait dress dupe
ASOS Design Peplum Dress with Delicate Trim £75


3. Look for YouTube Try On Inspiration
Sometimes when you’re shopping online for summer occasion outfit ideas the big issue is knowing what clothes will look like on. Yes, it looks great on the 5’9″, size 6 model shot in perfect lighting for the website but what will it look like on me?  This is where I often turn to YouTube try on haul videos to get an idea of what pieces are like in real life. You get to see and hear what pieces are like on a normal person and also it’s a great way to discover those pieces you might have dismissed online. I recently showed this dress and some other summer occasion outfit ideas under £100 that I think really look like Self Portrait in Tuesday’s YouTube video.

asos self portrait dupejade mercedes fraser blogger

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