How to Get 60% Off the Best UK Luxury Spa Hotels

This blog is all about little-known ways that we can save money on the finer things in life. All of life. Indeed, my love of luxury extends far beyond fashion. I can think of few better ways to spend a day than flitting between an infinity pool and a hot tub with only a massage and nap on a sun-lounger to break up the time. In this post I’ve decided to share my secrets on how you too can afford to stay in the Best UK luxury spa hotels and save money in the process.

The answer to this one is simple. Groupon – BUT not as you know it. There are certain tricks of the trade which can help you to find the best deals, often without even having to purchase a Groupon voucher. If you’re unfamiliar with Groupon (if you know it skip to Step 1), this voucher website has a wonderful selection of discounts for many products and experiences including luxury uk spa breaks for couples, groups and individuals at the best UK luxury spa hotels. It’s all above board, I swear by it. In fact, every member of my immediate family got a Groupon experience for Christmas gone from a luxury spa break for couples in a 5 star hotel to teeth whitening on Harley street and they all loved them. The reason you’re able to save up to 60% off five star hotels with Groupon is that when a luxe hotel has a lull, they make a deal with Groupon whereby, if Groupon sends bookings their way, they will give Groupon a cut. To shift the rooms they reduce the prices (for even a 5 star hotel a half price room is better than an empty room right?) and then they hand over to Groupon to sell, sell, sell. So, in short, Groupon is great but before your browse first heed these golden rules of looking for discounted 5 star UK luxury spa hotels on Groupon to get the most bang for your buck:

1. Don’t Assume It’s Their Best Deal
A rookie mistake is to assume that the discounts on Groupon are the absolute best that these luxury hotels can offer you. It’s always worth calling the hotel to double check that they don’t have any current offers which can save you even more money than those listed on Groupon, especially around public holidays when they might have an exclusive promotion e.g. around Valentine’s Day it’s common to find 2 for 1 massage deals on the booking of a luxury spa break for couples. Even if they don’t have anything specific, even the best UK luxury spa hotels often keep little treats in store to secure a room booking on a slow day. I’ve blagged free bottles of prosecco for a group booking and late check outs for a couples getaway just by simply asking politely. You know what they say – you don’t ask, you don’t get! Also remember that if you do everything through Groupon the hotel has to give them a cut so, particularly with boutique hotels which aren’t following a corporate rulebook, there’s often a deal to be done where you can both save money on the room rate by cutting out the middle man and booking directly.

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2. Read the Recent Reviews
Quite a few times I’ve nearly been put off ofwhat turned out to be the very best UK luxury spa hotels because of a negative Groupon review that I, luckily, realised what actually quite old. I still always take older reviews into consideration as they indicate the standard of customer service these luxury hotels offer. However, if the complaint is about something specific like a treatment room being closed for a refurb six months ago, it can even be a good sign that the facilities are brand new. If in doubt about a customer comment, email the hotel directly and query it.

3. Check Them Out on Tripadvisor
I like to double check the reviews for each of the luxury hotels features on Groupon on TripAdvisor too. This is because not only do customers tend to leave lengthier reviews on there but they can also upload photos. Ones that are more recent and more… candid than the glossy and somewhat staged photos these luxe hotels might be inclined to submit to Groupon. Yes, the spa looked beautiful the week before it first opened but what does it look like at 12pm on any given Saturday?

4. Call the Luxe Hotel to Double Check
During a recent birthday stay at an award-winning golf resort and 4 star luxury spa hotel, we were slightly disappointed to learn that the steam room was out of action only once we were walking through the facilities swathed in our plushy white towels. Since there was a sauna, two pools, two hot tubs and 16 treatments rooms to keep us busy, we decided we weren’t too fussed and could do without but it would have been nice to know beforehand.

Once you’ve selected your deal, even if everything looks perfect, before you make your Groupon booking always email the hotel directly to check that a) they do actually have availability on the day that you want as the Groupon calendar doesn’t always marry up with the hotel’s and b) that all of the advertised treatments and amenities will indeed be on offer throughout your stay. They can also advise on things the Groupon site won’t list like busy periods and when is the best time to come to get the most enjoyment. I say email rather than call so that, in the unlikely even that something should anything go awry, you have confirmation of what was promised in writing and can insist on getting even more money off.

5. Always Read The Fine Print
This one seems really obvious. Eyeroll worthy even but you’d be surprised how easy it can be to miss the little details which will make a big difference to your 5 star hotel booking. Check the location – is it easy to get to? Is there a parking charge? Free WiFi? For luxury spa breaks you want to check the facilities listed on offer at each luxe hotel. Even in the very best UK luxury spa hotels, facilities can vary wildly as the term ‘spa’ is quite general and you don’t want to arrive ready for a swim to find out that they only do massages or vice versa. Also, double check the booking instructions for Groupon vouchers as you often have to contact the hotel afterwards to redeem your voucher and make the hotel aware of the final booking.

Look out for the days of the offers too. Often there are multiple levels of spa packages available for each of the luxury hotels. Whilst there are plenty of great weekend deals to be found, sometimes the very best UK luxury spa hotels on Groupon will offer ‘Monday to Friday only’ deals as this is when things get quiet. Some may restrict discounts to a certain time of day or be ‘women only’. With chains of luxury hotels, packages may vary across locations too so read carefully before you commit to a purchase.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to feel like you can indulge in a luxury spa break a little more often, knowing you can save get upwards of 60% off luxury five star hotels with a little clever searching on Groupon. As I as writing this post I realised that I couldn’t actually decide if my favourite getaway is a beach break like it has been since I was a child or in fact, now, a luxury spa weekend in the English countryside. I think it might just be the spa you know.. Oh, how I’ve grown!