7 Ways to Save £100 in A Week (Without Giving Anything Up)

save £100 in a weekSo, you’d love to save £100 in a week but you’ve looked at your budget and you’re convinced that you’re simple not earning enough to save another penny. You’ve sacrificed everything that you can but there are some things a girl just shouldn’t have to go without like fresh nails, good coffee and the odd girly dinner every now then right? I couldn’t agree more. I indulge in all of these and more every week but I still manage to spend £100-200 less than my girlfriends on a weekly basis. Let’s go through the week and see if there’s any opportunities to save that you may have missed…

It’s Monday morning and there absolutely no way that you can be expected to power through without a serious kick of caffeine to get you out the door. Me either. Sucker for a Starbucks though? Just try making your summer morning Iced Vanilla Latte at home instead with this easy recipe that’s quicker than queueing. (FYI the recipe for a hot Starbucks latte is exactly the same, you would just skip the ice and warm the milkon the stove). Do this weekdays and you could easily save upwards of £15 every week.

By Tuesday lunchtime, all your Monday mindfulness motivation is wearing off and today soggy sandwiches and sad salad just ain’t gonna cut it. Before you sidle off to the sandwich shop and spend £5 on fatty baguette, bag of crisps and a bottle of sugar, consider filling up on some delicious Vietnamese Pho or a smoked salmon and avocado bagel instead, Yes, a luxurious lunch can be cheaper. Here’s a couple of recipes to get you through the week. Couple this with your coffee saving and you’re a quarter of the way through your mission to save £100 in a week.

On a Wednesday I’m a huge fan of the humpday treat, something pretty enough to distract me through the midweek slump. Flowers are a great way to lift your mood and bring some brightness to your home when everything feels kind of ‘meh’. It’s actually proven that live plants indoors improve endorphins and give us a happy boost. Don’t spring for florist flowers though, save at the supermarket with these top tips on where and how to pick the very best of the bunch.

save £100 in a weekTry as you might towait for the weekend before you start shopping, Thursday at work is going verrrryyy slowwwwly and you catch yourself ‘just looking’ at your favourite store’s New In page. Ya know, just in case… Before you ‘add to cart’ though, any savvy shopper starts with a tick list of exactly what you do and don’t need. That way you can make a beeline for certain styles and set the sidebar filters to stop temptation loading onto the page. Those sexy leather boots may be everything you’ve dreamed of but can you get away with wearing them (and only them looking at the price…) to Sophie and Jack’s wedding next month? Better get on with those filters. For more top tips on How Not to Get Swept Up in Online Shopping Fever, watch this quick step-by-step video of cool hacks.

unlimited sushi salsha camden Like I said, saving money doesn’t have to mean missing out, especially when it comes to being sociable. For me Fridays are all about hitting the town and kicking off the weekend with a great meal and some cocktails. I’ve never been known to turn down a dinner invitation and you certainly won’t catch me sticking to salads and side dishes – no no! I’m a steak and sushi kinda gal. Instead, I make the use of online promotions, points cards and apps to make sure that I’m fully aware of any savings my favourite restaurants might be giving away right under my nose. Hit up Happy Hours and sign up for their mailing list joining discount (you can always unsubscribe after your meal). Two free cocktails and 25% off your food bill will be work wonders for your mission to save £100 in a week.  And don’t worry about the stigma of whipping out a print off. The notion that it’s tacky to use vouchers is so outdated. If a restaurant didn’t want you use a discount code they wouldn’t have created one. Simple. It’s a win win for everyone as they get business out of it too. Here’s are some cool ways to save money on your food bill that you may not have realised existed.

sensationail gel nail kitWhen Saturday rolls around, it usually means it’s time for some rather spendy personal grooming habits right? Wrong! I’ve managed to cut a lot of my formerly lavish beauty rituals down to a DIY routine that’s more relaxed, more rewarding and much more affordable. I definitely save £100 in a week in a week now, leaving me with more money for luxury in other areas of my life. For instance, rather than schlep to the nail salon every couple of weeks for fresh gels, I do mine at home, in my comfy PJs in front of my favourite reality TV indulgence using my Sensational Gel Nail Kit. It pays for itself after 3 uses when you compare the one-off investment of £49.99 to £15 x 3 salon visits. It comes complete with a UV lamp and their unique Polish 2 Gel formula means that I can make the most of my extensive nail polish collection. Why not make a ritual of it and add it you Saturday morning home spa routine or invite your best mate round for a weekly movie night and take it turns to do the other’s nails each week?

Sunday is a great day for baking but instead of making something that’ll leave you feeling guilty, this weekend, why not whip up something that’ll help you to save £100 in a week and calories instead? Breakfast muffins are a great way to start the working day and this simple but delicious banana muffin recipe is much cheaper, healthier and more convenient than grabbing a bacon roll at the train station. And if a couple happen to fall onto your plate whilst baking… so be it. No bad ingredients = no guilt!

I hope that this post has given you some food for thought. You don’t need to be angel and stick to all of these every single day to save £100 in a week. Mix and match your savings to suit your needs each week. If you can’t resist the temptation of a Deliveroo lunch one day, just make sure to use a voucher code at your next dinner. Spring for a salon cut and colour one week? Make sure to do your own manicure the next to make up for it. The secret of the champagne lifestyle is simply about balance!