Fancy Soaps for Under £10 – The Boujee Bathroom Guide

Funny isn’t it how an establishment, be it restaurant, bar or hotel, can seem as grand as ever but the real testament to how fabulous dahling a place is, is the bathroom. It can make or break your entire experience. For me personally, automatic flushes, automatic taps and hand towels are an instant win (as a germaphobe I can’t help but find hand dryers to be germ-spewing machines). If the towels are the actual fabric kind rather than paper, I’m in love. Plushy and environmentally friendly?! If there’s a chaise lounge to boot I’m never leaving. Gorgeous tiles, soft jazz and good makeup lighting, all a great bathroom make. And well, if they don’t provide some beautifully scented soaps I’m tempted to walk right back out and keep going. Here’s how you can take inspiration and inject a little five star glamour into your own bathroom with fancy soaps for under £10.

fancy soaps boujee bathroomfancy soaps under 10

My love for TK Maxx is long-documented on here and my YouTube channel and it’s an affair that only gets stronger each time I go in. Alas, it wasn’t discounted designer bags or gorgeous glassware that got me this time but something far less expected. Fancy soaps. When I strolled past these stunning precious stones on display, I simply stopped to admire the beautiful colours. It was then when I realised that they were actually bar soaps! Not only were they breathtakingly beautiful but they were functional too meaning I could justify my purchase – everyone needs soap right!? You can only imagine my glee then when I turned on over to see the price tag of £2.99. They’re practically begging us to take them. I really, really struggled to stop at two. I will be back.

boujee bathroom fancy soapsbody prescriptions gemstone soaps

strong lavender hand soapAs I explored the full fancy soaps section, I realised that there were shelves stacked high with a plethora of pretty soaps of all kinds. More bar soaps wrapped in cutesy, kitsch packaging like little presents – great for stocking stuffers when that time rolls around again FYI. It was then that I also found these rather grand looking bottles of liquid soap – in glass bottles might I add, lar-dee-dar. The apothecary-style packaging looks and feels really expensive and most importantly, the soap inside smells devine. The luxurious lavender scent reminds me of the Cowshed soaps they have in Shoreditch House. It’s also lathers up a treat so it’s good to know it’s not just highly-scented rubbish. My only gripe is that the pump doesn’t seem to actually… well, pump. It turns out you have to lift it out and pour a little soap into your hand but there’s almost something peacefully rustic about doing so, so I’ve decided I don’t mind. Especially not for £6 for this huge bottle! Ounce for ounce that’s the same price I pay for the basic little Carex bottles I used to buy so I actually haven’t spent any more than I normally would for these fancy soaps, as I keep telling George.

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So, at no extra cost, my sink looks so much more sophisticated now. Unfortunately, as often happens, these particular soaps don’t seem to be on TK Maxx online so it’s a case of scouring your local brand although I did find this caddy set which would make a classy addition to any modern bathroom. Is it really sad that I’m excited for someone to come over and see my boujee bathroom setup? Or that I’m mildly miffed that it would be inappropriate for me to set up a staged sink of pretty pink water with sparkly suds like this before each guest arrives?

boujee bathroom fancy soaps