How to Seem Rich – 10 Ways to Look More Expensive

Every now and then I’ll meet someone and just know that they’re rich. It might be a client or perhaps just a woman I’ve observed at the airport but often there is a certain something about these people which alludes to the fact that they simple must be wealthy. For ages I thought that it was a certain ‘je ne se pais’, however over time I’ve come to notice that actually there are some very real, common giveaways which these people possess. So, in the spirit of wanting to look as chic as these people, here’s what I’ve learnt about How to Seem Rich:

how to seem rich

1. Wear Complimentary, Neutral Colours
Even from a distance, a beautiful, tonal outfit can look a billion dollars, so to speak, so it’s one of the first things that catches my eye when I notice somebody who I suspect is wealthy. Complimentary colours in neutral tones like black, blush, cream and, if you’re feeling brave, white will automatically match together well and look more like a catwalk couture ensemble picked by your personal stylist. 

2. Always Have Neat Nails
Chipped nail polish, missing acrylics and garish, multicoloured claws are all tell-tale signs of budget beauty. Rich women have the luxury of going to the salon whenever they please so they’re rarely seen without a fresh manicure. Whilst of course, rich women can wear what colours they like, bold, bright colours are frowned upon in the upper echelons of society which is why neutrals seem so much more sophisticated. There’s a reason why you never see Meghan Markle with bright blue nails… It’s forbidden! Neat, neutral colours on the other hand will match all of your outfits making you appear more ‘put-together’.

All this doesn’t mean that you need to spend all of your money at the salon though. Simply make a note in your diary to stay on top of your nails each week. You could do what I do and snap up a DIY gel nail kit or, if you prefer plain nails that’s fine, just keep them clean, neatly filed and I find a slick of clear top coat works wonders for a princess-worthy finish.

3. Always Accessorise Well
Accessories make all the difference when it comes to styling oneself rich. Always opt for a little jewellery to add some glitz and glamour to your outfit. Little being the operative word – too much and you can go from Cannes to the Jersey Shore in no time. Simple studs are always a great option – who can tell if they’re real diamonds or not? Couple with a dainty pendant necklace and if you can, add a smart watch as it’s posh to be punctual.

4. Wear Neutral, Neat Makeup
When it comes to the secrets of how to seem rich, the neat and neutral rule is a running theme and your face is no exception. Whilst a shimmery, smoky eye with glossy red lips might be the look du jour in some circles, when it comes to knowing how to seem rich they’re a big no, no. Opt for simple makeup which enhances your natural features instead. You don’t want to look like you’re trying to sell yourself too much, after all you are the prize – right?

5. Keep Your Hair Neat
A great haircut is a worthy investment for any woman and will go a long way to making you look more expensive. A top tip is to pay to have an experienced stylist cut your hair into a style and then look to trainees just to trim and maintain it – it’s cheaper and they’re much less likely to mess it up once they’re following what’s already there! Can’t afford to go to the hairdresser? That’s fine, just take care to keep your hair well conditioned so it always looks salon treated. Straight hair looks great blow dried with a rounded brush for a salon style ‘bump’ in the ends. Tie a bandana around your edges at night to prevent breakage and help baby hairs to lie flat. If you’re styling your hair up, use as large a brush as possible spritzed with hairspray for a neat, smooth finish and always use two mirrors to check that it looks neat from all angles as if someone has done it for you.

6. Wear Perfume Which Smells Expensive (but doesn’t have to actually cost a lot)
Okay, so this one doesn’t exactly fit the brief of ways to look more expensive but you get where I’m going with it… An alluring aroma which lingers long after the person has left is a sign of a top quality perfume. You know when I guy passes you in the street and he smells so good you do a double take? He might just be your average Joe but he still got you to think about him for five seconds longer that you otherwise would have. Or that friend you think of every time you smell Chanel on someone because it’s her signature scent? A great perfume adds to your sensory experience of someone, which makes you think about them more which in turn makes them seem more important (read rich). 

Again, knowing how to seem rich doesn’t mean that you have to splash the cash. There are plenty of high street fragrances which do a high end job. Your best bet is to go into somewhere like Beauty Base and start sniffing. Spritz some on cards and see which ones still smell good the next day – expensive perfumes are made with strongly scented fragrance oils which is why they linger. In lieu of a pricey perfume, layering scents is another great way to make sure that you smell delightful all day. I like to mix essential oils into my hair conditioner, my body oil and my fabric conditioner as I mentioned in a recent post. I’ll also carry around a body spray in my bag to top up my scent any time I’m about to greet someone. To smell ‘expensive’ I tend to go for floral scents with woody undertones, over sweet smells like vanilla. “Put down the Britney Spears Fantasy Jade, I repeat, put down the Fantasy”, (16 year old me is kinda sad but it’s for the best). Classy women also often pick one expensive perfume as their signature scent for adulthood, kind of like a right of passage, so when you you find the one you like,  stay loyal (babe).

7. Wear Pointy Shoes
Pretty pointed toes and and good posture are the epitome of elegance which is why pointy shoes work so well to give the impression of being posh. Court shoes are the obvious go-to and luckily this timeless style can be found all over the high street, however if you’re not a heels kind of person, don’t forget there’s still pointed mules, slip-ons and ballet flats too.

8. Match Your Hardware to Your Jewellery
Another way to look seamlessly stylish is to make to sure to match all of your jewellery to the hardware on your accessories. Jacket buttons, bag studs, exposed zippers and even logo plates should all ideally be the same shade of metal and without any tarnishing. The devil is in the detail when it comes to nailing how to seem rich.

9. Change Your Plastic Buttons
A great DIY tip for how to seem rich is to switch out the plastic buttons on, otherwise stylish, high street pieces for more expensive ones. Fast fashion stores need to cut corners to keep things cheap and buttons is one way they do this. £1 worth of nicer buttons isn’t much to you or I but when you multiply it by the thousands of pieces they make, it all adds up. Do your high street buys justice by popping to your local haberdashers and picking out some prettier buttons to switch out. Embossed metal, pearlised, tweed, there are so many styles so go wild and upgrade your outfit with ease.

10. Don’t Overthink It
My final secret on how to seem rich is the most important. Having met many lucky, lucrative folk throughout my career, the common denominator is honestly that there isn’t one. Rich people are, at the end of the day, just people and therefore they’re all different. Some wear to head-to-toe designer whereas the wealthiest person I’ve ever (knowingly) met blended so unassumingly into his own mansion pool party that you’d think he was a part of his bespoke wallpaper. The more conscious you seem of trying to appear rich, the more of a try-hard you will appear and the more obvious it’ll be that you aren’t. So, while the above can go some way to helping you feel good, above all focus on enjoying life! I’m a stronger believer that the more positive vibes you put out into the universe, the more come back to you. After all, you’re never truly rich until you’re content with what you have!

I have so many tips on How to Seem Rich that this Saturday’s YouTube video features ten more tips on this very subject – ones that I’ve never heard elsewhere, so be sure to check out my YouTube channel if you find this kind of thing fun to think about.