8 Great Things About Autumn (that aren’t on ALL the lists)

So! The mornings are chillier, the nights are drawing in and we’re all in need of a dose of positivity to get us through that ‘meh’ period between the superbness that is summer and the lovely Christmas period. Well, I’m a huge believer in seeing the silver lining to every cloud. Even a grey, rainy, British weather one. Here are 8 great things about Autumn:

great things about autumn

More Mindfulness
When it’s dreary outside, I find there’s no better time for a spot of immersive ‘me time’. During duller days when vitamin D endorphins are scarce, I look to other sources for a boost of positivity. I’m really into business and entrepreneurship so I love to watch YouTube seminars from my favourite speakers like Mel Robbins and Karin Bohn who talk eloquently and honestly about how to get what you want out of life. When I’m travelling, I prefer my positivity in the form of podcasts, I like The Angie Lee Show for her insane amounts of energy and if I really get some down time, then I like to read to relax my mind and really close off – Crush It by Gary Vee is next on my reading list.

reasons to love autumn

It’s a Great Time For a Booze Ban
Adding to the list of great things about autumn is the chance to give my body a break. Between boozy barbecues, jolly Sunday lunches and basically any old excuse for day drinking, one can easy to rack up some serious under-the-radar alcohol consumption. I’m actually not a huge drinker myself but George and I have taken to sipping a glass of Chianti while playing chef in the evenings, followed by another with dinner of course. I think swapping this for a nice cup of tea (herbal for me thanks) will be a good opportunity to purge (and save) a few pounds before I really let loose at Christmas – all bets are off once the Baileys comes out.

Shit Hair? Don’t Care..
Oh. Em. Gee. Words cannot express how mother effing sick of my hair I became over summer. The mind-numbing cycle of washing, blow-drying, straightening, oiling… Struggling to keep my naturally dry scalp beautifully oiled daily without letting my thick, afro hair* get too dirty with product (*I’m off relaxers for now – I’m SO done with the burning…). One of the great things about autumn is that the weather is less…sweaty, I can ease off my wash schedule a bit. Of course there’s also the added bonus of autumn hats meaning less styling time. Just when I was about to reach for the hair clippers…

reasons to love fall
Trench Coat: Zara | Top (actually a minidress): TK Maxx | Skirt: River Island | Boots: Public Desire | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing | Watch: Michael Kors

Netflix and Chill
Okay, so this one’s kinda basic but c’mon, you’ve got to admit that you just can’t beat a cosy, snuggly night in. Besides, I’m not just talking your standard Netflix and chill session. I mean the sexy spa music, luxurious bath products, lighting a Pumpkin Spice 3 wick candle, Egyptian Cotton dressing gown kind of boujie evenings that I live for. If you need some inspiration watch my 10 Ways to Feel Fancy When You’re Broke AF video. FYI, if you’re after entertainment recommendations, I’ve just finished watching Bodyguard on BBC iPlayer and Ozark on Netflix (both gripping amazeballs dramas) and am now really into Atypical which is an easier watch. A light-hearted, black comedy about a charming teenage boy with Autism (think Young Sheldon; the Teenage Years).

Turning Goal Setting into Goal Getting
Again, with the craziness of the social summer season, I can’t say I haven’t sacked off my content schedule more than once when a last-minute dinner invite came in, telling myself, ‘Look. It’s much more important to live life and spend time with loved ones than to make money…’, which is true. That being said, I also dream of retiring early to spend even more time with my loved ones later on in life and that just can’t happen if I wish for it more than I work for it. Possibly my favourite of all of the great things about autumn is that having more free time again enables me to focus on my goals. Now that I’ve reconnected with everyone and their cat over the summer, it’s time to take all of those business notes I’ve jotted down on napkins and bar receipts and put them into practise. Besides, a girl can only consume so much truffle pizza and prosecco. Watch this space!

zara fall trench coat

Holiday Fomo No Mo’
Whether you went away or not this year, despite the weeks of glorious sunshine we had here in the UK, it was hard not to feel a twinge of jealousy over summer when a best friend posts a selfie from Santorini or you see that Instagram model in Ibiza. Again. Now that the excitement of summer holibobs is dying down, I can’t say I’m going to miss the feeling of missing out.

Generally this season I’m really trying to stay away from mindlessly scrolling through social media or becoming consumed in the tiny snippets of strangers’ ‘lives’ that I see. No back-to-back ‘reality’ TV, no living vicariously through someone else’s vlogs, no disappearing into the Daily Mail sidebar of shame. It’s all such a waste of my limited time on this earth! This season I only want to consume content that’s going to enrich my life in some way – things which either inform me, inspire me or truly entertain me like a good comedy series or a drama. If it’s not going to make my life better, why would I waste my precious waking hours on it?

public desire over the knee boots

Money Hunny!
My bank balance always takes a beating during the summer when everyone comes out of the woodwork to soak up the sun. You go to the pub with one group of friends, bump into another and before you know it you’ve booked something every weekend from June to September. Adding to the list of great things about autumn is definitely the fact that it’s socially acceptable to be a hermit again (you just blame it on the weather) so that I can replenish my funds before the frantic gift shopping and dutiful Christmas dinners kick in.

Fall Fashion (because it sounds cooler than ‘Autumn Attire’)
It’s rather cliché but fashion is a main feature on the Rich Little Poor Girl blog and there’s no denying that autumn is one stylish season. Secret; I actually prefer summer fashion as you don’t have to cover anything up with a lumpy coat but I do enjoy the challenge of layering without looking drab in the autumn and the hues are just to die for – bring on the berry tones!

Do you have any reasons you’re excited about this season that you can share with us all to help us feel better on a down day (we all get them)? If so please do leave your own list of great things about autumn in a comment below so we can all enjoy it!