How to Style Athleisure

(When You’re Not A Bike-Shorts-Loving Instagram Model.)

how to style athleisure

The Kendall Jenners and Hailey Baldwins of the world make sports luxe styling look so simple but bike shorts and cowboy boots don’t go down so well outside of Hollwood. Instead, here are some go-to rules on how to style athleisure for every day wear to take the stress out of getting dressed.

athleisure styling inspiration

A sports bra and leggings are a popular base option for Instagram’s athleisure lovers but I personally find the clingy material of leggings rather…unforgiving. Sweatpants are popular too but can give your outfit more of a streetwear vibe than the smart, sports luxe look that I prefer. Instead, I find that wide leg trousers with a sporty stripe are the perfect happy medium when it comes to a sports luxe look that’ll have you feeling comfortable and put together. Brand like Adidas are of course known for this style but if you want to save your pennies I’ve seen a great range from Pretty Little Thing.

If you’re conscious of showing too much skin with a crop top, fear not! The elasticated waist on these means you can comfortably hoist them up onto your hips to make them high-waisted and cover your belly button. If that’s still too much midriff for you then tuck a loose-fitting workout vest into the trousers instead for an equally relaxed look.

how to wear athleisure
Sports Bra: New Balance | Trousers: Pretty Little Thing | Blazer: H&M | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: Pretty Little Thing | Bag: River Island

You want your athleisure outfit to be half sporty, half chic with a mix of silhouettes. The difference between looking like you’re on the way to the brunch or to Body Pump class is in how you layer up. Since sportswear tends to be fitted, I like to pair it with a loose-fitting layer like this boyfriend blazer which is also structured making the whole outfit look smarter. Suddenly I’m swerving spin class and off to socialise instead. I also find that sticking to one colour palette helps everything to look more cohesive – black is always a safe bet when one wants to look chic.

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Accessories are another way to score extra style points and make it very clear that you’re headed anywhere but the gym. Anything from sunglasses, to hair accessories and yes, even a pocket square. Jewellery is a must for me when styling sports luxe and if I have time to do a glam makeup too, that’s an added bonus (clearly I didn’t here). I like to play around with the theme and stick to a hairstyle that’s glamorous but also somewhat sporty and I find that a high ponytail does the trick. French braids also work really well.

jade mercedes fraser

Carry yourself with confidence! If you look self conscious to be seen wearing your gym clothes to Sunday brunch then people are much more likely to notice that you’re wearing your gym clothes to Sunday brunch. The fact is that athleisure is IN so as long as you feel great people will acknowledge that you look great. (FYI I don’t actually wear the same clothes I wear in the gym out and about – I work way to hard in spin class for that to be socially acceptable).

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